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I wanted to use AR code to get lives so i can start to speedrun challenge mode, so i enter "0062A295 00000063" code in "properties / AR codes" on Dolphin.
I read that you must unlock all minigames to unlock shop, then you can get 99 lives with the code, but it must be something I didn't get.

If someone knows how to do I'll appreciate it !


Follow these instructions EXACTLY and it should work:

- Open Dolphin Emulator (Make sure you're running 5.0)
- Right click on the Super Monkey Ball 2 game
- Select "Properties"
- Select the tab "AR Codes"
- Click "Add" at the bottom right
- Name it "Max Play Points"
- Put the code "0462A298 0001869F" (Do not include quotes and make sure there is a space between the 8 & 0)
- Click "Ok"
- Click the checkbox next to the "Max Play Points" AR code you just created.
- Click "Close" at the bottom right
- Click "Options" at the toolbar
- Click "Configure"
- Check the box that says "Enable Cheats"
- Click "Ok" at the bottom left
- Bootup Super Monkey Ball 2
- Go to "Party Games" and unlock every party game
- Go to "Options" and unlock every movie, the staff credit game and FINALLY the 99 monkeys (You will have to do the monkeys one by one which is a pain in the ass)
- Go to the main menu > Challenge Mode > Advanced
- On the Screen where your game is about to start move upwards to the "Monkeys" line
- Click X or A (whatever your action button is)
- You should be able to now change the amount of monkeys per set. Crank it up to 99 and your good to go 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions


Runs done on emulator are not allowed.


You can do a glitch where you do a lot of levels in Story Mode and then exit, and when you get to the the screen that tells you how many play points you got, prest start and select exit game. Then repeat until you have 99999 play points. Get all the party games then go to extras and you’ll have enough for 99 lives.