Question about runs in VR
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Question about runs in VR

Hello, I interested in running this game, but I only play in vr. a lot of you are going to yell at me saying that mouse and keyboard is faster. Listen, you're right, it is, but I'm going to run it in VR anyway. I just love VR and I'm used to it.

In vr, various animations are disabled for comfort. For example, getting in and out of hatches. This would equal a time save as opposed to non-vr runs. The game does not have any way to re-enable these animations, to my knowledge.

If this is allowed, cool, I don't have any question, I just have an advantage over non-vr players.

However, I am assuming that this is an illegal time save and not allowed. So here is my question, the game rules state that no mods are allowed whatsoever, however there is one mod called VR enhancements. This mod allows me to re-enable animations in vr. Can there be an exception made to the rules for this mod only? it does not allow me to make any time saves, in fact I am attempting to use this mod to increase my time to a level playing field.

Thank you in advance.

New Zealand

"I am assuming this is an illegal time save and not allowed" Incorrect. Anything done in the game naturally in the VR version would be allowed. Note that the run speed is decreased to only 60% of normal in VR mode, so any time save from skipping animations is lost in those sections. If you wish to submit your VR run to the main leaderboards, it would have to be without mods. VR Enhancements makes the overall experience in VR much better, but as an excuse to rebalance things to somehow level the playing field is disingenuous. The disadvantages from using a controller and the reduced run speed more than makes up for the few animations that you skip. I have done a VR run myself previously: But it was using those mods and therefore not applicable to the main leaderboard (and also I've done faster without VR anyway in that category)

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Thanks for the info. Please know that I was not being disingenuous in my statements, it's just that playing this game without VR enhancements is a miserable experience.

Especially if you are using a headset with inside out tracking, as I am. Not having a "re-center VR" button makes it unplayable.

(Also I would have left walk speed at 60%)

Lower Austria, Austria

I mean, you could always at least try and do a run. If you use mods, it won't be able to be on the official leaderboards, but it'd still be a personal best (if not world record). I think most of us are very used to playing with keyboard and mouse and are pretty uncomfortable with VR as it is very different from normal gameplay. But I see no reason not to try to do a run in VR. Maybe one day we maybe could add it as a category extension or something like that and allow the mod (altho that is just me saying that. The mods probably have a reason not to allow mods, even if it's just VR enhancements). Don't let us stop you from trying to do a run. It'd still be pretty cool imo.

New Zealand

"... it's just that playing this game without VR enhancements is a miserable experience." Absolutely agree. It's why when I did my run I was using it, and the Y Axis Unlock mod, so that the experience was a lot more pleasant. But I didn't have any expectation that it would be on any leaderboard.

"The mods probably have a reason not to allow mods, even if it's just VR enhancements." The main concern is that even if we have a requirement of showing the mods folder, and the menu within the game, to demonstrate that only the allowable mods are installed and running, it's harder to know for sure that someone has not made their own changes to the mod to allow for other changes to the game that may affect the speedrun. So in general the easiest thing is to say "no mods".

If we were to have a separate VR category on the Category Extensions boards, that allowed for Qmods and VR Enhancements (and possibly Y Axis Unlock) then we'd just have to be extra vigilant in our moderation with that in mind. And decide whether to allow increasing the movement speed as per what's possible in VR Enhancements - I'd be in favour of doing so, personally.