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Hi there,
Recently I came across a run of this game and saw that it could be completed in less than 1h 30 if done correctly and it got me thinking "How long does it take to complete the GBA Version of this game?"

Well I recently did a test run and you're looking at less than 1 hour if everything goes well, I will say I did notice something odd when noting down mission scenes for the films...

So unlike in the PS2 version where you do several acts per film, in the GBA version they have something different. Instead of just doing the films they get you doing several acts of the different films as a tutorial before you get put into the hot seat and have to do the real stunts with the directors like in the PS2 version.

So do we split the GBA version from the PS2 version in terms of category and have 2 categories for the GBA version or not? 🤔


For context on what a Any% run on the GBA version would look like I did a first run as shown here:


I would support a split. The two versions are basically two different games.

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Absolutely splitting the game into two separate games. I'm 110% surprised anyone else is going to run this meme game so I didn't even think about categories or basically anything

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I apparently don't have the ability to add the GBA game, so you'll have to request the game through the main "stuntman series" page I think.