2 years ago
Utrecht, Netherlands

100% board?

Victoria, Australia

haven't looked at this game in a while, but if memory serves the only way you would have an 100% run at all is probably purchasing all of the extra collectibles from the mother hen before beating the game, but I'm not sure of the logistics of that. If you want to input what your idea for a 100% ruleset would be then I'd be glad to hear it

Utrecht, Netherlands

ah right, i was making a list for myself with what games i want to run and what the currect WRs where for any% and 100% so i was just wondering why it wasnt here 👍 when i run its (thats gonna take some time probally somewhere in august this year cuz i will have my pc then so i can stream my speedruns :) but when i run ill be back to see if there is a good way to 100% run this ;)

Victoria, Australia

ah sweet

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