Any% Notes

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SteamWorld Dig Any% Highlevel Notes

Split 1 (Speed Boots):
- Get old pickaxe
- Gather ore to get 8 gold
- Sell ore to vendor
- Buy first pickaxe upgrade (Sharp)
- Dig down to Dungeon I and enter (around 32m)
- Grab Speed Boots ability

Split 2 (Steam Jump):
- Head across vanishing tiles and grab Citrine (16 gold)
- Jump up right side wall to get to sub dungeon
- Grab 3 Dark Matter (180 gold)
- Grab Orb block (3 orbs)
- Leave sub dungeon
- Open menu and destroy yourself to teleport to entrance of Dungeon I
- Go back to surface and sell ore to vendor
- Buy 3 pickaxe upgrades (Copper, Bronze, Iron, 155 gold)
- Buy bag upgrade (Medium Pouch, 30 gold)
- Dig down to Dungeon II and enter (around 85m)
- Try to avoid replinisher at entrance
- Grab Orb block (3 orbs)
- Grab Steam Jump ability

Split 3 (Drill):
- Get the 2 ore blocks near Steam Jump platform (18 gold ish)
- Go right to water and hold steam jump until near 1 full bar
- Use remaining amount to jump up to next area
- Pull right 2 most switches
- Grab 2 ore blocks (13 gold ish) and Orb block (7 orbs)
- Head up and to the left and steam jump ore block (Avenyurine 25 gold)
- Leave and pick up replinisher on the way out
- Head to teleporter near Dungeon II
- Sell ore to vendor (Need at least 64 gold in ore)
- Buy teleporter
- Buy next bag upgrade (Big, 75 gold)
- Teleport back and head to Dungeon III (around 155m) (while trying to pickup ore)
- Try and get around 145 in gold
- When at Dungeon III place teleporter and use it and sell ore
- Go right back to teleporter and enter Dungeon III
- Head left and activate 1st switch
- Head right and activate 2nd switch (make sure to keep near 1 bar of water)
- After activating grab ore block with steam jump (Quartz 50 gold)
- Head back left and grab the 3 ore blocks (76 gold ish)
- Activate 3rd switch
- Go through tunnel and head to the right to get Drill
- Grab Drill ability

Split 4 (Biff):
- Head left through walls
- After getting through 2nd wall go back a tiny bit to gain speed
- Jump up above you to grab replinisher then exit Dungeon III
- Dig down a bit more to get to the Old World (around 170m) (try to get some more ore as well)
- Use teleporter in Old World and head back to town to sell ore (around 185 gold, want 600 total)
- Buy teleporter
- Buy Plate Armor (50 gold)
- Buy Deep Tank (75 gold)
- Go back to Dungeon I and enter
- Get back to sub dungeon (either left [hard and fast] or right [slow and easy])
- Grab ore block (Diamond 500 gold)
- Then steam jump up twice and destroy generator
- Head back out and get near full water before leaving
- Open menu and destroy yourself
- Exit dungeon I
- Place teleporter and go back to town
- Sell ore to vendor to get Biff

Split 5 (Steam Punch):
- Heal yourself if needed by talking to Cranky
- Go to Biff and buy 2 drill upgrades (DrillMaster, Drill-o-tron, 675 gold)
- Head back to Old World and dig down to Dungeon II and enter (around 335m)
- Grab replinisher and jump up
- Then jump up directly to Steam Punch or go to the right and up
- Grab Steam Punch

Split 6 (Static Dash):
- Leave Dungeon II
- Dig down to Dungeon III and enter (around 395m)
- Head to the right and jump up
- Then go to the left through bounce mushrooms
- Enter sub dungeon (make sure to have 2 bars of health)
- Head to the left and down to the right
- Jump up and head to the right then down to the left to destroy generator
- Leave sub dungeon
- Open menu and destory yourself to exit Dungeon III
- Dig down to big opening and fall down (can either use ladder trick or try and slide against a wall)
- Enter Vectron (can go back to town for safety save if wanted and get Sturdy Armor for safety if needed as well)

- Dig down to Dungeon I and enter (around 605m)
- Climb up and skip past Mineral Dector
- Destroy barrier generator and leave
- Dig down to Dungeon II and enter (around 695m)
- Head to the left and down to get Static Dash
- Grab Static Dash ability

Split 7 (End):
- Jump up and enter secret area
- Climb up and to the right and destroy barrier generator
- Leave Dungeon II
- Dig down to final door and enter (around 825m, if you can't find, activate cutscene near boss and talk to girl at town)
- Go right and destroy generator
- Leave area
- Dig down to final boss room and enter (around 850m)
- Damage boost to the right and climb up
- Take out final boss