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For those who don't know who me, let me introduce myself:
I'm Snooz, a french speedrunner who is running ST (v0.5.1) since April 2020. I currently hold a WR for Bonus Island I Any% and have done a run for most of the 30 levels of Icy Island. I plan on running a bunch of categories of this game.
I'm passionated about SuperTux, I've been playing it for years, and it's my very first speedgame. ^^

I'm creating this thread to ask the moderation team if I could join them. I do it here because I think it's better that the community can see my suggestions, and idk maybe it's better to have the approval of all the current (active) mods.
The reason why I'd like to be mod is because I want to contribute to make the SuperTux section look more clean/complete, so it's more accessible for newcomers (I might gather some people in this community :b). I'm kind of a perfectionist, so I'm willing to treat all the little details. ^^

Here are my suggestions for now:
- Update old guides (for instance: the "Super great community Supertux secret finder" guide has not been touched since 4 years, and it's barely been started)
- Change IL names when needed to be the exact same as in the game (capitalization, etc...)
- Make a new 0.1.x category, and adding ILs for it (that would replace the messy Misc category "Any% Story Mode, v0.1.3")
- Make a new 0.3.x category, and adding ILs for it
- Add a new Bonus Island IV subcategory for 0.6.x
- Put Haloween Island as a subcategory, with the other worlds
- Add a new Incubator Island subcategory for 0.4/5.x and 0.6.x, as it is an in-game contrib world
- Change "Antartica" category's name to "Icy Island" as "Antartica" is very inaccurate to designate the main world

I'd really love to do these changes myself if you let me, and contributing to polish the ST boards. 🙂
If you don't agree with certain of the suggestions above, just let me know. As a new mod I wouldn't go all crazy and do big changes on the boards all by myself. ^^
I could also verify IL runs as they use IGT, but I'd stay away from timing full runs as long as there are other mods, more experienced with timing, willing to do it themselves.

I hope you can accept my request 🙂



1. Because of the way handles variables, its not possible to give the 0.1.3 category no tags, for example, we physically cannot make it not have those 0.5.1 and 0.6.0 subcategories underneath it. The fact that you dont know this could be dangerous because changing variables and tags could lose submitted runs, and that shouldn't be messed with. This also applies to the "Bonus Island 4" subcategory for 0.6.0. We cant do that because bonus island 4 doesnt exist in 0.5.1, yet, will think it does. It's not as easy to fix the current board situation than you think. This also applies to the Icy island/antarctica inconsistency. But either way, this predicament shouldnt be discussed in this thread. This is actually due to a limitation of's user interface and resources. Not the mods fault, so this shouldn't have even been a point in this application.

2. The things you proposed to do such as fixing IL names could be easily fixed by just DM'ing me what the issues are.

3. Currently you and I are the only active runners of this game, and it doesn't really make sense to have both runners mods with how little verifying demand there is

4. You don't know how to verify runs based on what you said in your last paragraph. The way we verify runs is actually more discrete, we don't just check IGT and go along with our day, and the fact that you don't know how else you can verify IL runs shows that you might not be fit for the job.

Some of your ideas are good and your passion does show, but i'm just not thoroughly convinced. I don't see the point in making another person mod if the demand for speedrunning this game is at such a low. I appreciate your experience with the game, and i would be inclined to at least give you the verifier role, but I am not convinced you know how to verify runs yet. When this game gets more attention you'd be the first i'd be willing to teach though.

I'm willing to discuss your other suggestions in the discord and why some wouldn't work they way you think.
I will also share this with the speedrunning discord in ensuring my reasons for rejection were fair. Thanks.

SnoozSnooz likes this. 

Alright, I understand your position. Thank you for reading my application and responding to it 🙂

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