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Hello. Today I'm Going To Be Talking About A Configuration I Found On Accident,
And I'm Doing A Thread On It.

Firstly, I'm Going To Say How To Get The Configuration.
Simply Put, All You Need To Do Is Get Into The Supertux Folder (The Appdata One), And Then Go Into The Config File (Using A Text Editor).

For Linux, I Don't Really Know.

Then, Once You're In The Config, You Should See Something Like This:
"(show_controller #f)".

All You Need To Do Is To Replace The F With A T (In Lowercase) And Now You Have It Enabled.

Now Secondly, I'll Explain The Controller.

You Should See It In The Top Left.
You'll Also Probably Notice That If You Press A Key, The Controller Turns Red.

And Now I'm Done With This Thread, Since I Have Nothing To Add.


This is also accessible through Developer Mode, hit F2 and press "Show Controller".
However make sure that Developer Mode is disabled for fullgame runs.

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