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Hi supertux runners!

I'm interested in running this game, but the official version of supertux on Arch encounters a segmentation fault at the level 'A fork in the road', and similarly for some other levels later on. The git version, however, doesn't have this problem. Would it be okay to speedrun the game using the development version? If not, that's okay. I'll attempt to contact the team and see if I can get the bug fixed eventually.



What you could do is use the 0.4.0 game but update A Fork in the Road. You can't run with git versions. Some other levels change.

I don't know what the mods would say to this, but if it is a full-game glitch, perhaps you could just use the git version but replace the current git levels with the 0.4.0 ones.


Thanks for the reply. I'll try replacing some levels files and see if that works, otherwise I'll just keep trying to fix it. Could have something to do with the current version on the arch repositories, so I might check that too. Either way, I'll have some runs eventually!


No, you must run 0.4.0 version to have valid times for 0.4.0 leaderboard.
So you either need to find a way to fix 0.4.0 or wait for 0.5.0 (We will open a 0.5.0 leaderboard as soon as the release is out and someone makes a run with it. You can train with the git version as 0.5.0 is close to the release as far as I know, but you’ll need the release to have a valid time.)


Oh, BTW, I run ArchLinux as well, and had no problem running 0.4.0 so far.
But I did not play since a few month, maybe a library update or something broke the game?


Wow, the game indeed crash when loading a fork in the road now. I’ll have to try and find out where this comes from… (maybe a driver problem? I know that OBS crashes because of libdrm these days when using DRI3)


Hey AD2, congrats for your run!
I’m now following you on twitch, I hope you will run some more supertux, especially when 0.5.0 is out, we need to tackle it right away.
We could race if you feel like it and if I derust first.
You should deactivate the transitions in the options, it will save some precious seconds.

Oh, and sorry for all the french in the splits :-P