New Category and Rules - Speedy Modded Client
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New Category and Rules - Speedy Modded Client

I've added a new category for the modded client. The rules read:

The modded client can be found at

The latest version of the modded client should be used, though there is some leeway after a new version is released.

  • Collect all 100 orbs in the game
  • Time is measured using the in-game timer to the millisecond
  • Runs are ranked according to the in-game time shown after 100 orbs are collected
  • Submitted runs should should the in-game timer at all times, though some leeway is provided if you accidentally hit 'T' (just re-enable it when possible)

Videos of runs should start before the game world is loaded and should include the all-white end screen (which shows player time and world time).

Runs may be rejected for poor recording quality or excessive background noise (especially if it would make the detection of various cheating methods harder, e.g. splicing).

Runs may be rejected if the runner pauses during the run (which pauses the in-game timer, too).