Expanded Rules

Currently the rules are:

Collect all 100 orbs present in the overworld. Timer starts when player enters the world, in-game timer used to measure speed. Runs ranked according to in-game time displayed upon collecting all 100 orbs.

There's one problem with them atm: the in-game timer starts when you first move, not when you enter the level. If we're using the in-game timer we should take out the part about when it starts (because the game starts it for us).

AggressiveCombo suggested some additions on Discord:

  • Minimum video capture requirements of 480p and 25 fps
  • No excessive stuttering or frame drops
  • Upload runs to youtube, twitch, or provide a direct download link
  • Runs under 3:00 need clean in-game audio to check for e.g. splicing or other manipulation
  • No video of the game play should be obstructued
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Thoughts on modified clients:

  • cosmetic modification of the UI layer sound okay, provided a modification doesn't remove detail or cover important things up, e.g. the WASD keys on my modded version
  • speedrunning friendly modifications sound good -- like adding timing to 1000ths of a second (x.YYY seconds) -- in-game splits --- would be cool to have support for saving runs or dynamically loading splits --- also to choose from menu, maybe? -- accurate timer shown on GUI layer -- mods like <backspace> to restart level -- could also add stuff like outputting a file with all the inputs made, this would aid verification
  • I think it's fair there are more stringent requirements on modded clients to make it harder to cheat (there are a cheating methods I can think of having gone through the code a bunch)
  • We can endorse a particular modded version that has some additional verification features to make it easier to verify and safer
  • If we endorse a particular modded version, we should require it to be open source
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Thoughts on runs, uploads, quality:

  • good runs should not drop frames. I had an issue with some of my runs due to recording settings () that I fixed before it became an issue. Luckily the linked vid wasn't a super important run.
  • Minimum 720p30 (I can't think of a good reason to allow less), preference is for 1080p60 or higher.
  • Gameplay footage should be unobstructed, nothing over the video for important parts (when streamers have like chat or things over the top, esp when like a WR happens, that's okay, but it shouldn't impede verification; doing it live helps WRT those streamers)
  • Gameplay audio should be clear, a mic is okay but not music or bg audio from other sources

More generally:

  • The in-game timer pauses when you go to the menu; I'm not sure how you might take advantage of that but we might want to add a rule about no menuing during the run
  • I think we should require to see both end-screens, not just the in-level end screen. The world time might help with verification if things are ambiguous, runners exclude at their own risk.
  • Footage should start from before the level loads, since the IGT starts when the player starts moving we need to see exactly how long they waited for before starting (which can give you better patterns with the ppl walking around)

I suggested earlier in discord: we could add a new category for modded clients https://discordapp.com/channels/681971748325163019/681971748866097280/760100916514390059

It's easier, simpler, and safer to add support for modded clients via a new category instead of changing the rules for the main channel.

I think I'm going to take the above and draft up some rules for a new category.