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This thread will represent all rulechanges made to game, so that it is clear why and what chages over time.


4 July 2019

RTA without loads added as a more universal timing method and middleground between IGT and RTA. Currently load-removing tool for livesplit is in resources section, after it will be finalized it will be available in livesplit Edit splits menu. (Not sure if current one works with TSE). When using tool, launch livesplit AFTER you launch Serious Sam or you'll get an error and game will close.

Rules were rewritten in a more clear way. Also changed rule of FPS change, as it was agreed upon between runners in discussion long ago (EmeraldWolf even got run with console FPS change since then). Current wording is: Using gfx_iMaxFPSActive to limit your maximum FPS is allowed. Changing it during the run is also allowed. Using other console commands during the run is NOT allowed.