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um since they updated the game, and change quite a few things like the bomberman bombs no longer have an active hitbox when thrown, and the gravity was slightly changed (i think) wouldn't keeping runs with old patched out methods be unfair to the new speedrunners.
I don't know the rules to stuff like this since i'm pretty new to speedrunning myself

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This game gets updated pretty often. There have been 4 versions of Beta so far, and a new one coming soon. It would be unfair and a ton of work to remove all previous version runs each time the game updates. It would also but a ton of work and make the boards extremely cluttered to add new categories every time.

What we're doing currently to make things easy and fair for everyone is allowing any version. So any run under a "Beta" category can use any version of Beta that's been released (1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.0.3, and 1.1 at the moment). Luckily, past versions of the game are saved and archived for anyone to download after they're obsolete.

This may not be the best solution, and it may change in the future. I've thought about what else to do about this, but I can't really think of anything better right now. Any suggestions would be welcome, and would be taken into consideration.


I suggest using variables and placing old versions as "obsolete". (Maybe 1.0.x and 1.1.x? There weren't a lot of gameplay changes between each 1.0 version, so it would make sense to group them together) The big problem with allowing all versions is that we could get "stuck" on a version that has the best strats, but lags behind a lot with the new characters and content. To non-speedrunners, this doesn't make any sense and also looks weird if we play on old versions just to save time. Or, if we make a category for each version, it gets so cluttered and hard to manage that it isn't worth the trouble. There are seven mods as well, of which at least 3 are active, so it shouldn't be a hassle. En outre, with the updates to MMS in (Insane) classic mode, it is now a lot harder, which would mean old versions are faster. Along with the memory flushing update, 1.1 is the optimal speedrunning version since it doesn't lag, but if we fall behind, then nobody will play the harder difficulties since it's not a fair fight.

A way to implement this would either be variables, where we label all pre-1.1 versions accordingly and all post with 1.1.x and let runners set the version in their splits, or, if that doesn't/can't work (haven't tried it myself) sub categories are also fine. The game is still not through development, and until a final version is released, we just can't keep playing on all versions.

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