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Idea brought up by TheMaster & mr.deagle.
This thread will represent all rulechanges made to game, so that it is clear why and what chages over time.
It makes for people who wonder "why is this rule a thing", "why is that allowed", "why is that disallowed" to find answers relatively quick without bothering every single person imaginable.


19 Aug 2018

Rule "Using cheats such as Infinite ammo is not allowed" was changed to "Usage of cheats is not allowed. All commands that start with "/cht" in console are considered cheats.".
Infinite ammo is a simple option in Revolution and among runners it was decided, that other than being "cheap" there is no reason to keep that rule up even if you rephrase it to "IA is not allowed".


21 Aug 2018

Rule "The only rule regarding mutators is that your enemy spawn count may not exceed 300%." has been scrapped.

By people involved into conversation it wasn't found WHY was it limited to exactly 300% and was also tested that optimal for speedrun will be 400% with anything more than that not changing anything in a significant or even slightly notable way. As a result any percentage can be set.

(Votes at moment of poll closing: 5 for "allow any percentage", 1 for "leave it maxed at 300%").


22 Sep 2019

Categories have been updated to represent newly added campaign - Bright Island.
IL table will get updated, when I get to see all level names.