is it allowed to use Early Access Beta version now?
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is it allowed to use Early Access Beta version now?

3 years ago the game was updated and out of early access beta. Some things have been fixed. Example, clip on The Great Pyramid. Because of this, the running time is greatly increased. Its possible to download the old version, which was released 19.12.2016, via steam console. WR runs were made on this version and my runs too. Is it allowed to use it? For downloading old version, i use the following commands in the steam console: download_depot 227780 227781 2136503392684143438 and download_depot 227780 227782 6724102221228861638 for game and exe respectively


ye, I do feel like we need to split current patch and old patches. Also need to put a simple downgrade guide for whoever is interested. we do have versions in other games and some revolution runs were made on old patch, so I'm okay with it, might be worth having conversation in discord.

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