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just compare some All-Stars runs Emulator VS No Emulator, you will see that emulator's loading times are faster. ( this is just my opinion, tell me if you think that i am wrong and why)


Yes, I totally agree with this fact. Emulator has a huge advantage for RTA times as the loading times are lightning fast, and thus that should be sorted out and dealt with to keep the fairness for these charts.

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Emulators give a massive advantage. In a classic very easy 5 stock run that takes me about 3 minutes average with Ganondorf, I calculated that emulators get about a 33 second advantage from loading times alone (that is more than 1/6th of my time). I avoid doing races on SRL with people who use emulators because it's not even fair.

Edit: most people who use an emulator should have a copy of this game normally to begin with, so they can just use that to run this game instead. Just using an emulator for the sole reason of having an advantage over others isn't really fair imo.


personally speaking I run with emulator because I can't afford a capture card at the moment, nor do I have a reason to purchase one beyond melee. that's why stadium runs and regular modes are ran with IGT. I dislike being called a cheater when I'm not actively trying to cheat for something like this. Emulator is the only viable way I have of recording and displaying something I do for fun. RTA's fine and everything, but outside of adventure I don't see any advantage to using it. RTA's the reason I hate OoT speedrunning, buying an iQue for loading times advantages is the kind of thing I dislike.

as long as emulator runs are clearly labeled (and they seem to be off by default for's listing) then I don't really see any 'unfair advantage' going on. same with SRL, while I don't go there personally, if I had a problem with emulator runners, I'd just avoid them. Like @pikashy claims, most people will have a physical copy of this game anyways if they speedrun it (or not, considering melee is only becoming harder to get a hold of these days) so there's little reason to get worked up about this kind of thing.

I'm not saying anyone's calling 'cheater' here, but it's disappointing to see this treatment towards people who may have extenuating circumstances. wah wah victim complex wah.

edit on edit: i'm an idiot, ignore the giant rant I previously had right here.


i think all runs should be on original gamecube imo


So runs are still accepted with emulator? I'm just going to assume so unless told otherwise.


Yea, they're allowed. We switched to using in-game time for the actual rankings, so emulators have no advantage over console.


Ah, I see. That makes sense, thank you.