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I feel dissapointed in the moderation of the melee speedrunning section on recently

An easy example of why im dissapointed if you look at this

its clear that Lykon is using something that gives faster loading, there is no way that his time is 11 seconds faster than mine when I was playing for like 6 seconds max with Ganondorf with 1/2 second stage clears. Nearly every single stage in his video is slower than my PB.

His quality is really bad on his video and states that it is on US Gamecube but I fully don't believe this.

This isn't the first time this has happened too

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The very hard record as well also has faster loading speeds

it states on the rules it has to be on Gamecube US

Wii and Emulator both have different loading times


Hyrule does not load instantly with a giant character and 2 cpus, thats what made it super obvious to me

and didnt have to kill himself to avoid crazy hand?????????

Is there any chance we could get another category on, being Wii runs as well since they might have faster loading and the fact people can run it off a USB which DEFINITELY has faster loading


Hmmm I thougth the option (GC) in the submit run was implying that the game was originally made for that console, not that it has to necesarilly be played on the GC. Also I didnt see the console specification in the leaderboards that's why I thought a Wii could be used.

Maybe that important thing should be added there, for no more misunderstandings. But still the moderators should have realized what you did on my runs.

If I'm wrong I would prefer doing it all over again, instead of having another cattegory, but that's just me. 😛


I still think wii should be its on category along with emu

the problem with wiis are different versions + hardware
usb loaders exist
different bios exist

it all causes different effects on games

My wii for example uses Dios Mios to play gamecube games, when I play melee on it, it randomly gives me game could not be read errors during runs lmao. This is why I believe wii's are not very reliable to judge on.


I added Lykon's IGT in the Very Easy run, and it's almost 18 seconds slower than your run, Fuzzy. I agree, there needs to be better moderation.


I personally would like Emu/Wii categories, especially since I'm going to switch to running on Emu until I can get the stuff I need to stream/record from my CRT+gamecube.


One of the big problems with the moderation in this game is that the only Supermod (i.e. me) has nothing to do with the game on this site. I used to do lots of races on SRL a while back, but now, I don't speedrun it seriously (maybe the odd joke race here and there), I've never submitted a run, I've never asked to be involved in the game on this site... and didn't even know I was a mod at all for the longest time. I am currently #1 on SRL, and have been for a long time, so I am wondering if someone saw that and put me as the Supermod without asking me or telling me anything at all.

If a moderation change is going to happen, I'd recommend removing me from the mod list, because I'm probably not going to pay a lot of attention to this game (as I said, I don't know why I was a mod to begin with). I'm not against being a mod in the future if I am actively running the game, or if I have a connection to the community, but at the moment I am neither, so I probably shouldn't be a mod atm. I've already asked a long time ago to be removed from the mod list of melee, but that hasn't happened.

I am willing to help with rules/decisions/etc and things like that if important situations come up (like emu/version differences), but full time moderation... someone else would be a better person.

I'm not trying to abandon the game or anything... I was never really in the game to begin with. Regardless of what happens, I hope it's the best for the game. Sorry for any inconveniences.


Something is clearly wrong here. I can see that there is a lot of active mods. But no one is doing anything? If a run is approved why cant it be deleted again?


So I just noticed that I have the ability to mod/supermod people, as well as remove people/myself as a mod (I have never looked into that, as I have never really seen a reason to do so). So that said, who should be the mods/supermods of this game? I can set it up how you guys want, then unmod myself afterwards.

Again, sorry for the confusion, I have no idea how or why I was a mod/supermod to begin with, and never wanted to be one for this game.

So that said... who should be the mods/supermods of this game?


Pikashy, i am currently speedrunning the game. I know the rules, so if it is ok, with the community you can add me as a mod or supermod.


I'll let the melee speedrunning community decide who should be a mod/supermod (I don't think I should be making that decision myself), so if the community is ok with you being a mod, then I'll do that.

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Of course. I have written a message to Fuzzyness on Twitch. I do not know if he will see it. But for me you can add him as a mod. He knows everything about speed running this game. 🙂 and after all he was the one who started this post.


pikashy, I think you should make pokemonmaster888 supermod, he is most the one that's most involved.


Haven't really seen this topic until now, the forums on are kind of hidden. Seeing as I'm the newest mod for this game (I came in about a year ago), I thought we had been doing well on the part of moderating SSBM. I know KuriGoat and RubberDuckyAssassin are the only active mods besides me, and SSBMstuff/pikashy are not active. I admit I myself haven't been too active here due to school and other commitments, but I verify runs when I can and a personal job of mine I assigned myself is to calculate the IGT for runs that are missing it, which seem to be many. That being said, we never have many runs go unverified for a long time (most are verified quickly) but I can see the leaderboards here need a clean-up/rearranging, and better clarity. I'm very much interested in Melee and still want to be a moderator for the game as I've been playing it for over 10 years and know a lot about it, just don't exactly have all the time in the world to moderate.

Just today I had been calculating IGTs for some runs on the site that don't have them, and I worked on one of your runs today, Lykon. One of the things that made me confused was indeed the non-existent loading times, did you use an emulator or play on Wii with a USB loader or something of the sort? I don't know myself how fast Wiis load with USB loaders but basically there are no loading times in your run here: I marked the run as an emulator run for now, but if you can explain what hardware/setup you played on I can adjust it if needed.

As for the overall point of Fuzzyness' topic: standard Wii definitely loads a bit different than GCN, but I myself am unsure of how much. The issue here is that we could add some new categories and separate Wii and emulator, but the SSBM speedrunning community would have to decide that and I for one don't exactly know where these guys reside mostly. I know the Smash Stadium community has a Discord group but other than that, I believe the speedrunning community is scattered. All I can really go off of is based on the discussion here or what I see.

A big reminder though; RTA for this game is basically irrelevant. I stress it so much, Melee has an in-game timer and this emulator vs. Wii vs. GCN nonsense is put to rest if we just use IGT as the main timing method. If I had the final say I'd make IGT the default sorting method and set it up that way, but still add some new categories so we could harbor all sorts of competition.

In the end, I talked with KuriGoat and RubberDuckyAssassin and I definitely think new mods for this game would be a good idea. I'm up to add whoever knows about the game and is dedicated, like Fuzzyness or somebody else. pikashy, I'd like to volunteer for the supermod role as well so I could help sort this situation out and get things moving for what the community wants. Sorry for the big post but a lot was on my mind.


In addition to my above post, if we do sort by real time still and split categories it'll be a major mess as verifying who played on Wii vs. GCN will be difficult. Contacting everybody and having them likely not respond, as well as having no PM system makes things more complicated. I myself play on Wii, due to my GCN being broken. I really see IGT as the better method here and it would save a lot of work. It's honestly a no-brainer for me. The only trade-off is that people have to calculate their own IGT which is barely even any work if you're committed enough to do a run. Lastly, any further ideas on how to make the leaderboards better would be appreciated too.


I made Pokemonmaster888 a supermod, and unmodded myself.

I'm sorry for all the trouble that may have happened while I was a supermod.


Late, but

>A big reminder though; RTA for this game is basically irrelevant. I stress it so much, Melee has an in-game timer and this emulator vs. Wii vs. GCN nonsense is put to rest if we just use IGT as the main timing method. If I had the final say I'd make IGT the default sorting method and set it up that way, but still add some new categories so we could harbor all sorts of competition.

I wholeheartedly agree with this. There's so many possible variables that can affect RTA that (imo) it's far easier to make IGT the primary timing method instead of making all kinds of rules to regulate RTA.

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