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Hey guys. As you might be aware, I'm planning to revamp the Melee leaderboards a bit and get some new mods in for the game. SSBMstuff and pikashy stepped down and I want to get some new people here that are active and know a lot about the game/community to help out. I'm looking to get 2-3 new people that are experienced with Melee. Some general requirements for the role are as follows:

1. Important! You need to have enough time to dedicate to verifying runs, specifically calculating In-Game Time for submitted and existing runs. We don't get many runs in on a regular basis, but you do need to be active in this regard.
2. You have to be knowledgeable about Melee, preferably having run/played the game before. Understanding loading times, version differences and how they affect the leaderboards is crucial.
3. Good people skills. This is a general requirement for most mod positions but since we will be discussing the game, rules and how the leaderboards are set up, you need to be able to compromise/negotiate with us to find a solution.
4. You should have Discord/Skype to be able to chat with the other mods, preferably Discord as it's more reliable. Easy communication is always a good thing.
5. Last point is a willingness to help out and make the leaderboards better for all of the runners. If you have the time and feel dedicated to do this, I encourage you to apply.

You can just post in this topic if you're interested or contact me some other way. Thanks in advance!


I would love to apply


I could apply im back from vacation and im also quite active as well


I sincerely apologize for the apparent lack of acknowledgement regarding these applications, guys. The plan was to get some new people in to help out, but as time went by the game's moderation functioned well and we did not acquire a backlog of neglected work. No problems occurred either (none were brought to my attention), so I decided to not add anybody. We will add more people on the basis that the game's moderation team fails to do their job or goes inactive. If you want to be a mod for the game, your requests are valid as long as you want to keep your names in.

The next time we hold applications, I'll be sure to make a decision much quicker so people don't become discouraged/confused at what is happening. Thanks, and let me know if there is anything you have to say or want done.

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I'm here if you need me. I'm currently learning this game in the speedrunning aspect ,and have been playing for about 3 years now. I might or might not have lost my job XD So i have all the time in the world, Also the reasoning for wanting to become a mod is i want to see this community grow as big as its competitive scene is today. I am planning on getting into streaming and trying to get more people interested in speedrunning melee. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to apply for this! I do have discord and i'm on regularly. Also i might lack some knowledge on speedrunning melee ,but i would love to learn more about it as i continue.