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Event Match

Wrong Character
Event 2: Lord of the Jungle
• GameClimbers (53.26): Mario → DK

Event 34: Seven Years
• air8897 (10.95): Link → Young Link

10-Man Melee

Top 3 - No Videos
Here are all of the videos that's currently missing, just add them to the run submission.

Mario: Ravenyte (6.70)

Bowser: Ravenyte (7.40)

C. Falcon: Taka (7.46)

Samus: Ravenyte (6.63)

Zelda: Ravenyte (7.25)

Link: Ravenyte (6.92)

Pikachu: Ravenyte (6.83)

Wrong Characters
Dr. Mario: surfingpikachu (7.68) Mario → Dr. Mario

Level Leaderboard - General
No Characters
There’s countless, way too many to list, runs that has no ‘Character’ added to their submission. This all across Level Leaderboards, Event Match, Target Test, 10-Man and 100-Man Melee.

I just think it will not only look more clean, but just more professional and complete. It also takes not much time and is easy to fix.

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Thanks nordanix! I'll get these fixed right away.

I'm gonna ask ask PokemonMaster if we can add you as a mod for this game. We're in need of more active mods.

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No problems, I just noticed as I went through some stuff.

I would love to help out if I can 🙂

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