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Hi friends, I have been playing Target Test in melee for a long time now, but have been rather silent in the forums although I have noticed some things bothering me when it comes to the moderation for the Target Test categories.

I cannot emphasize how much I hate to be the guy to complain about this, as I am also a competitor in the categories, but I feel some things need to be done different.

But enough rambling and introduction, here are some of the things that have been bothering me the most:
For a long time in the "All Target Test" category the third place was held by YCZ without a video proof, even though the rules clearly specify it's requirement. Another thing is the part in the rules where it says: "IGT from failures or retries are added to the total IGT." I have (as I'm a math nerd) calculated runs above my own placing in excel as I usually do, and I have often found that people forget to count all the failures or retries, but the run is still verified.

Also the Level leaderboard for Target Test is a total mess as people have been submitting runs with IGT. after it was specified that it would become the main ranking for SSBM which of course is ok, but now many people are ranked as the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th although they hold the WR.

I feel like a lot of this could be fixed, and I hope it will cause I personally feel it's kind of sad that it's so messy atm. Especially for people like me that mainly do target test speed runs in this game. Also I feel like a clean leaderboard helps a lot for the speedrunning community.

Thoughts and comments are appreciated 🙂


I'll add that I'd like to become more active in these forums now as speedrunning has become my main focus, and I will continue with doing melee runs as it's one of my favorite games and community.


Yeah you can thank me for that one ROFL


I think the rules regarding video proof may have been different back when I submitted, but you are correct that I did IGT completely wrong. Never meant to be on the leaderboards fraudulently, so I've deleted my run.