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RandyF.Smash uses C-stick for his at least 3 of his BBT runs. You can clearly see in Webcam and on Input Display above that it's being used. Why are these runs verified and allowed?

I thought using 20XX to use C-Stick was against the rules?

These are the ones that I found that shows the use of C-Stick:

C. Falcon:


Hey. I know the topic regarding whether or not to allow game modifications via 20XX or whatever else to Super Smash Bros. Melee has been brought up before, but we as a moderator team never made a final decision on it. I think most of us were leaning towards disallowing all types of game modifications. Nonetheless, I've brought this subject for discussion one more time so we can conclude this situation once and for all.

Whatever happens, we will update the rules for the game to specify what the verdict is so it will be quite clear for the players. If game modifications of any form are disallowed, we will also sort out any runs that need removing and the like. If you don't hear back from me or another moderator with a verdict within two weeks, remind us again.

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Yeah, it's quite important that the rules are actually agreed upon and then enforced accordingly.

Well I'm happy to hear you and the other moderators are going to discuss this. Thanks you! 🙂