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Yea, it's shit like this that constantly brings this site under fire and calls the legitimacy of any record on this site into question. This site needs a total overhaul of their moderators.


It's not explicitly stated in the rules, but using save-states is not allowed... across any speedrun. That either makes the run segmented or tool-assisted (or both depending on the game/mode). Save states make it not a legit run. It makes it so you know whats coming so there's no challenge, and gives an obvious advantage over actual console runs.

I can't believe I have to explain all this. I guess I do need to add it to the rules. Your runs aren't going back up, though. We're not accepting any runs with any kind of cheating, intentional or not. I talked to other mods and they agree with me.

I would've given you the benefit of the doubt and thought it was unintentional, but seeing all the rude comments you sent me on Twitch and the terrible way you've handled all of this, it's made me think otherwise.

Do it again and you're gonna end up getting banned from the site.

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I have nothing personal against you but you're making it personal...

titanshark: there is no rule about that but okay
titanshark: You should definitely state that in the rules because it's not there
titanshark: Thanks for blasting like 7 of my runs.
titanshark: For a rule that does't exist
titanshark: You're such a good mod dude
titanshark: You have bad night buddy? You can't just make up fucking rules
titanshark: Just because you play on a shitty ass Wii that can't save states
titanshark: whatever I am still WR holder I can't believe you man
titanshark: that's outrageous man
titanshark: you can't say something is not allowed when it isn't in the rules
titanshark: You are such an asshole dude. No one wants to run this stupid fucking game anyways.
titanshark: Be sure to actually have clear rules next time you absolute loser
titanshark: that's pretty disgusting dude but whatever
titanshark: enjoy modding a dying game
titanshark: with no community
titanshark: ill be taking down all of my runs because you're such a fucking douchebag
titanshark: its not in the rules
titanshark: You got mad that you can't get any good times. So you took down my WR.
titanshark: You need to add that "rule" to the actual list of rules
titanshark: I will be seeing if i can overrule you man. You're a real jerk for doing this.
titanshark: You're just jealous man. Very sad to see. You should just try and improve or get and emulator running rather than deleting my runs and calling me a cheater
titanshark: I'm gonna see if i can ovverule you. You're an asshole and making up rules that you know aren't tehre
titanshark: So we'll see how this goes for ya
titanshark: You can't just get salty and make up rules Slippy
titanshark: Sorry dude
titanshark: at least your 2nd place again even tho you're trash LUL
titanshark: gratz Slippy!
Today, 9:31:30 AM
titanshark: at least other people will see how corrupt you are on the forums now.
titanshark: hopefully i can save some people from trusting you
titanshark: he who makes up rules on the spot LUL
titanshark: don't come into my stream again dude.
titanshark: you'll be banned on the spot
titanshark: Delete Ian's record then you'll finally have WR
titanshark: Might as well considering you had no right to take down my run
titanshark: and its the only way you'll ever be #1


I have nothing else to say. Any future runs with any suspected usage of savestates, or any mods for that matter, will be rejected. We might end up going back to not allowing emulator runs if this problem persists...

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