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Hi I'm really new to this site so I don't know how to contact the moderators directly but I think there was a huge mistake in the Classic Normal Speedrun. I apologize for making the mistake and I would really like it fixed as soon as possible. I don't deserve the #1 spot. Especially since I didn't provide video evidence. So if any moderators see this please remove my run from the Classic Normal category or tell me how to do it. Thank you


If you click on the run you can delete or yourself

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Nice integrity, some people would have just kept that. Lol.


I was notified about this issue by slippy318 and I have rejected the run. Please be sure to double check your submissions before submitting them, Crummycoast1! That is really important. If you want to contact the moderators for any game, check their profiles. Twitter and Discord seem to be very popular forms of contact right now. If you want to contact me personally, you can use those two options.

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Video evidence should be required for all WR runs in every category imo. Why is that not a thing? Lmfao

Edit:Also good on you for doing the right thing.


@umbrionknight Video evidence for the top 3 runs in each category for SSBM is a requirement. I don't think you can enforce video proof for certain leaderboard positions as a mandatory thing specifically via the site settings for any game right now on, but it is stated in the rules at least for each category. Has been for years, at least in Melee's case.