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So if you haven't noticed I changed the default time to IGT to help with Boss Battles leaderboards mostly but it doesn't negatively effect anything else so it should be good, when submitting if the category has IGT be sure to submit the IGT along with the RTA!

Also it has come to my attention that we could have more categories for the leaderboards and I want to hear what you guys would want on here. Suggestions on actual, legitimate categories that would be competitive or active would be appreciated!

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We still need normal, hard, very hard, and intense categories for boss battles. Just a quick add.

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Well, I mean I was half jokingly talking about Rob%, where you have to unlock ROB by getting 250 trophies. Whether any sane person would run that or not is beyond me.


I've been trying to think about a way to do target test, since that's always been one of my favorite things. Since there's only 5 levels, a normal run would be too short for my tastes, but since there's 36 characters, to do a run of "1 level all characters" would be too long (god forbid all levels all characters)

I know Melee has a player who does a lot of HRC on his stream, and he's done HRC speedruns at smash the records' events before where the run was to get a cumulative 100,000 ft, or something along those lines. That could be adapted to brawl for sure as well

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