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A topic that has not been discussed is which versions should be allowed for the full game runs. Currently All runs must be US-N64. I personally think having both US and JP legal in the same category would provide for a interesting trade-off in version selection, it's likely US is faster for all but I can see JP being easier for newer runners. Would be nice to have some creativity involved in version selection for these not as serious categories(just because of lack of true optimization).


Alright, to start this off, any of the "All" runs, whether it be Characters, Untouchables, or "All Characters (stock limit // difficulty)" runs should be able to be ran on either US-N64, JP-N64, or their respective emulator // version.

1) Do we decide that "All Character, etc." runs be on English board, JP board, or combined into the same.
2) If we do keep them on the same board, do we still have a way to see the differences on the homepage.
This is really only to keep the boards cleaner, more user friendly, and makes it easier for newer runners // various viewers to see the times more respectively.

Also, I think there could be more true optimization in this category. It's not as crazy in optimization (such as Melee, with All Events having even menu optimization for less inputs), but, we could turn it into that with enough noticeable differences between the JP and English combat AI.

Conclusion? Separate leader boards, or a distinguished difference on home page. Friendlier for viewership. Accept both versions, of course.


1) You can't split up full game categories into JP and US, This leads me to the conclusion that including JP is in contrast to the #1 reason for this leaderboard and that is competition.
2) You can see the different versions by the flag next the the Console Name in each run, if there was an agreement that these are to be categories where competition is not as important by the community then JP or all versions could be allowed(in my mind it's those 2 or all)

I think allowing console diversity in these less prestigious(or at least in my mind) categories that are naturally less suitable for optimization could be a way to bring runners with rare versions like myself and EU/PAL runners looking for a niche in the leaderboards apart from being forced to run on JP or EMU.

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