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I'm interested in running this game but I see the leaderboard is undergoing construction. As a series moderator for star fox who has added sub categories to 2 of the games, I can definitely say you can really benefit from them.

How to do it?

Essentially, the default view would be EXACTLY the same as on the left side. The real magic occurs once you get into character specific runs (for IL's)

Each character is an IL, so this will be your main categories for IL's.

The first Sub Category would then be Difficulty. AFAIK, there are 3 leaderboard difficulties currently in use here (Very easy, Normal, Very Hard), so these 3 difficulties would be under the "Difficulty" sub category variable.

The second Sub Category would then be "Version." AFAIK, only NTSC-U and NTSC-J are current "versions" allowed (probably called "English" and "Japanese" for ease of access for other submitting runners).

That would essentially make leaderboard hella clean looking. For reference, Star Fox (SNES) had 13 categories and looks like this, and Star Fox Assault had an IL leaderboard w/ 9 main categories

SF1 with Sub Categories -
SF Assault with Sub Categories (for both IL's and full game) -


That sounds great to me. The only change I would suggest to what is said above is having the "version" as the first sub-category, then followed by the "difficulty". The versions are completely separate games as far as the speedrunning community is concerned, so having that as the first sub-category makes the most sense. Most people will be clicking on their version, and then swapping between the difficulties from there.

Thank you for this suggestion, and welcome to the smash 64 community <(^o^)>

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Yeah I forgot to order it right lol, no problem and FALCON PAWNCH


That would be a great change, great idea and welcome the smash 64 running community!

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