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Very Easy 5 Stock vs Very Hard 1 Stock:
Some characters can use loss of stock to gain a time advantage, notable examples are DK with his cargo throw carrying an opponent into the blastzone and kirby neutral B. Stocks are limited to prevent this on very hard and also to increase the difficulty of the run in general. All characters can gain a slight bonus by losing a stock and losing the no miss bonus on that stage & on each subsequent stage. For a clear illustration of the loss of life for time advantage check out DK Very Easy/Very Hard runs and compare vs pikachu strategy.

It's an arbitrary ruling to separate the characters so runners of the past also decided to arbitrarily make a "hardest" category for each character hence Very Hard 1 Stock. The standard categorical distinctions in speedrunning like any%, 100%, XX Unlockables etc. don't work so this is what was created.

Normal 3 Stock:
This unlocks ness and came to be only really because runners wanted something without the very easy AI but also without the difficulty of very hard 1 stock.

There's a lot of categories with fairly arbitrary distinctions but they all pre-date modern runners(of which I am the oldest) and this is just the system we use.


If a character dies the match is reset, so suicide wouldn’t work unless a character survives longer, which makes it not very viable unless your good or playing very easy/normal.

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