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What emulators are allowed for the game?


im assuming Project 64 1.6/1.7
In most n64 speedrunning rules they dont allow 2.0x


So is it legit to use project 64 1.6 / 1.7 with an European Rom to compete in PAL categories?

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Here's a post by a SM64 mod:
"emu runners, can you please keep in mind PJ64 version 1.7 (and above) is NOT allowed for submitting on If you are using this version please uninstall and download version 1.6 to continue doing your runs on. I have had to reject a lot of runs recently due to this and I don't feel nice doing it but it is an unfair version to compete on.

Other ALLOWED versions: Mupen64Plus for these emulator submissions we will require the emulator window to be shown for both Mupen64Plus and OpenEmu."

Not sure if they're still abiding by this but there may be something wrong with 1.7 unless I'm wrong. Unsure as to why it would be "unfair" though.


Thank you for the quick answer 🙂

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