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I was wondering if there was any way that these events could be added onto the list.


Not until some major changes to leader board happen first. Although cyberscore already has all of them documented and you can submit yours there for now

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2 things:
1- Could you consider adding a do all 12 BTT or 12 BTP or Both. I think this is similar to the 12 character combo RTA.
2- I did a spreadsheet for all the 1 player wr :

Could you tell me if you spot mistakes in the 1 player speedrun sections ? I could even add a ranking if we have enough data !


I made All Target Tests and All Bonuses, both a misc category, feel free to run it as you please

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(edited: )

"Runs in the top 3 require a video" is part of the rules for board the platform. Why does WR for VC have none?

Edit: I see the issue is resolved, tbh I just wanted to see the video haha

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