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I was wondering, I've never heard of any kind of glitch that would make you gain any kind of advantage in this game, then when I was reading the rules of BTT and BTP I noticed this: "Usage of pause is strictly forbidden during the run due to the pause glitch.
(Every pause allows 2 frames of movement without the counter updating)"
Which I guess it's sort of explained in-between quotes, but still, I didn't understand it.
Could anyone explain it to me in a more simple way?


Here's a video demonstration with the explanation :

By repeatedly pausing te game, one can "jam" the timer while still being able to move the character. Thus achieving impossible times at BtT and BtP.

If done flawlessly, you can have up to 2 frames for control, which can be used to move the character between pauses.

Any run deliberately or accidentally abusing/using pauses to manipulate the timer should not be taken for normal nor tool assisted world record.

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It's a shame this glitch occurs because it also means no pause buffering strategies are allowed for Individual Level submissions of bonus stages. However, you are allowed to pause for any category that uses RTA timing, such as All Characters BTT or any Classic mode run.

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