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Hello, yes, I'm brand new. I'm currently watching a friend on Twitch and they told me to create an account here and see if this can be a category. I originally beat Master Hand in 20 seconds, but, this past Saturday, I beat him in 18. I checked everywhere and it's definitely the WR! I was told to submit it here and/or ask for it to be made a category. No "rules" per say aside from beat Master Hand as fast as you can (just no cheating obviously, like one hit KO mods or something, idk).

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thats happened quite a few times iirc where runners have had perfect master hands with Kirby for example. where you 1 cycle with up tilt

that alone doesnt need to make it a category, the topic of individual levels was brought up but just doesnt seem like the most viable thing to be made for an official category. along side not being able to completely grind a stage legitimately without resetting and starting over at the start just to get to metal mario for example.

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