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As of January 1st 2020, submissions under a certain threshold will require a video proof.

Any BTT : sub 20 seconds
Any BTP : sub 40 seconds
All BTT : sub 5 min
All BTP : sub 7 min
All Bonuses : sub 12 min

Very easy sub 7 min
Normal sub 8 min
Very hard sub 9 min
All Very Easy sub 1h45 min
All Normal sub 2h
All Very Hard sub 2h30 min

Unlock all character: sub 30 min

Previously submitted runs who doesn't comply with the video proof requirement will be grandfathered. (No action taken they were accepted in a different era.)
These times threshold are pretty restrictive to the best of any given categories.
There's no longer any reasons for players who spent so much time making it all the way to the top to not record their achievements.
At the very least, a phone's recording should be an option for almost everyone.
This is in order to make sure of the validity / proof keeping of actual world records without interfering with newcomers who would simply like to give the game a try.

Let us know if you have any questions / suggestions concerning this.

Mod team (aka InprisonedShadow and me)

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no vid.
no did.

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