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Title. I don't know too much about these runs, but there seems to be no reason to exclude so many people from running the game.


The Virtual Console Versions of the game are very slow due to the differences in the announcer screen in between stages(comparison here:
This is not a legitimate reason to ban VC in inself but it is a telling sign of popularity of the version for speedrunning. Since we started the original leaderboards there have been very few VC submissions and the submissions we did have were very optimized and only had a couple attempts done if that. We would like to encourage true competition on the leaderboards and frankly there wasn't enough competition to make VC a viable choice for our new organization. There are a number of other versions getting the same treatment including PAL& PAL AU N64, VC, and IQue. IF things change in the future and there is a legitimate interest/competition in VC we may include it on the leaderboards but for now we want to encourage people to run on a version there is competition for or run on EMU. Thank you for your interest, anyone is "allowed" to run on whatever console they like(I will be doing runs on versions not on the leaderboards) but we want the leaderboards to be a place of true competition.

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I have locked discussion on this thread, if you want to post please refer to the "Allowing Other Versions on the Leaderboards" thread as this encompasses discussion on every version being allowed on the leaderboards.

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