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When learning a game like smash 64 for speedrunning there is a high priority on learning the best strategies before looking to create your own. Learning bad strategy from older/less optimized runs can develop bad habits that limit you from growth.

When you are looking at the 1P records on this site some strategies are not displayed; to study the best runs using the most optimal strategies this is an important resource.

Thanks Pikashy for putting all of these into a handy playlist for access; sorry if posting here is inappropriate will remove if requested

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I'm ok with this being posted here for now. I just don't want my runs on the actual leaderboards.

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Short answer: because I don't consider myself a member of the Smash 64 speedrunning community, nor do I want to be even considered associated with the community, and that includes runs on the leaderboards. I left the Discord group over 2 years ago, and have no interest in returning. I'll do solo runs from time to time because running the game is fun, but that's for fun, and not for any leaderboard reasons.

Reason: See "Entei is now banned" forum, as I posted it there since it is more relevant there.

Long answer, with plenty of stories with proof: pm me on Discord, as it's way too long to describe here.


so you dont take it seriously and thats, why you cant, submit it to the leader boards?


At no point did Pikashy suggest that they don't take speedrunning seriously. They asked to be removed from the leaderboard due to qualms with how the group was moderated and because of bullying. That, however, doesn't stop them from providing resources to those that still wish to speedrun the game.

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Pikashy seems to be taking speedrunning this game more seriously than anyone on the planet and has for a long time

Please don't insult them by suggesting they aren't taking it seriously; just appreciate the massive efforts they have put into this game's 1P speedruns and try to learn

There's so much you can learn from these videos please just focus on that; at least they are publicly accessible

Be grateful they are here to learn from

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