Version Differences for Speedrunning

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These version descriptions are in context to speedrunning; differences to characters/mechanics still apply and are to be taken into consideration.

Other Differences that have been documented can be found here
And here
and here under General Information and Techniques


N64 is the release of the game with the most console slowdown yet it is still faster than the Virtual Console versions. This is due to a decision made that you have to hear your opponent’s name before advancing to the next stage.

Having the Expansion pack is not important for speedruns.

This release of the game features very aggressive AI and a large amount of lag in a lot of situations (see below).

AI System is different, generally less aggressive than the US release. This was likely patched out due to the lack of cooperation of the teams and/or lack of difficulty on harder difficulties
No Congratulations Screen at end of 1 Player Mode

AI System is a copy of the NTSC-U
Different frame rate 50fps vs 60fps seems to have little effect on strategy
PAL Character differences are significant

Situations that lag the N64 (for possible version comparison in future):
Anything Dying
Anything Spawning
Killing Multiple Enemies at Once
Fire Effects(Master Hand’s Moves, Fire Flower, Charizard, Samus` moves)
Electricity Effects(Pikachu’s Attacks, Zapdos, Samus` Upb)
Screen Shaking Effects(DK’s DownB)
Screen Transitions
Countdown Timer at Beginning of Stages
Master Hand in its Entirety


All VC versions have less lag than their n64 counterparts due to increased ram decreasing lag spikes

The announcer cannot be skipped until he has said at least most of the name of your opponent(s), this costs a considerable amount of time which makes VC releases slower than any other release. A rough comparison I did can be found here

The Virtual Console release is famous in the smash 64 competitive community for frame skipping, the effect of it on speedruns is hard to notice but I believe it probably affects the ingame timer in stages.

Differences from the N64 transferred over to the Virtual Console so the Japanese AI is present on VC-J as an advantage in most categories

Significantly faster, increased RAM nearly eliminating console slowdown
The reduction of lag on pokemon make some of them much more helpful in team battles

Use PJ64 1.6/7

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