The Beginners Guide to Smash Speedruns

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Set "timer" to infinite to remove time wasted from speed scores


Very Easy 5 Stock
put stuff here

Normal 3 Stock:

Link- Link's AI can be a bit funny. He will want to drift to the center of the stage, starting off with throws can be a good way to move Link close to the edge for a quick K.O

Yoshi Team- Strats Vary depending on the character, Throws are always a good team battle move

Fox- Fox has an AI which is very aggresive, running toward the left of Sector Z to throw and keep off is the easiest move

Targets- Kill yourself, completing target test is a waste of time and does not effect your stock.

Mario Bros.- this stage has a number of variables that can go wrong, so if you struggle with it, try to separate Mario and Luigi from each other and try to take them out quickly 1 by 1. If you let them get close to each other you can get combo'd hard and lose significant time

Pikachu- Apart from hoping pikachu kills itself, (which can happen) throwing pikachu off and keeping him off is your best bet due to him being a very light character. If your character has a "spike" ability, use it to interupt his Up+B Recovery

Giant DK- A safe strategy would be to use your characters fastest form of dealing damage (Most of the time this is the safe strat. you would use for master hand) building him up to just over 100%-120%
health, then using Smash attacks or back throws, forcing him off the edge, and knocking him back when he tries to recover

Platforms- Kill yourself, completing Platforms is a waste of time and does not effect your stock

Kirby Team- There are a handful of characters that have abilities that can one shot kirby team, Using Throws is the most consistant through out all the characters, and be careful not to let them linger as they might become more and more aggresive

Samus- if you have a hard time with samus, forcing her to the edge quickly and using smash attacks to keep her off until around 100%+ damage can be a good strategy, few characters this will vary, but Samus cannot accurately be killed by falling, she must be knocked to the sides of the map, or up into the sky.

Metal Mario- Build this guys damage up to 150%ish and then use Smash attacks to knock him down and keep him off. Timing your smash attacks perfectly to hit when he uses his Up+B recovery is essential, some characters can go for the risker stradegy of spiking him, but starting off, stick to smashing.

Race to the finish- Sprint

Polygon Team- Welcome to Hell. Grabbing Pokeballs, and hammers are essential if they spawn, if you are struggling going after healing items is very important. Your attacks vary on the character, position yourself next to whatever spawning platform has the darkest shadow, if the shadow of a spawn is extremely blackened that means more than 1 polygon has spawned there and you can get 2 or 3 kills at once. again throwing is always reliable for a kill. Luck goes a long way, the best way to improve on polygons is practice and grinding.

Master Hand- Do whatever attack does the most damage for your specific character, Vaires.

Very Hard 1 Stock
even more stuff here

Unlock All Characters
a bit more here

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