"Top 4" videos (showing the top 4 runs in a race-like setting against each other)

By pikashypikashy Last updated

Here's a series of videos I have made showcasing the top 4 runs for various categories in this game. One of my intentions making this is to give people a way to watch the various strats used by the top runners of a category, and see where the strengths and weaknesses of each. It also gives newer runners a variety of strats they may be able to use in their runs. I plan on making more, and updating old videos as runs get beaten, but for now, here's the ones I have done so far:

Mario, Very Easy, 5 Stock:

Pikachu, Very Easy, 5 Stock:

Jigglypuff, Very Easy, 5 Stock:

Top 4 characters, Very Easy, 5 Stock:

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