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I am in the process of creating a video tutorial series for beginners, introducing strategies to be used when beginning to run each character.
An introduction to the video series can be found here:

I am structuring my video series to cover the things that save you the most time first
Currently Covered:
General Teams Stages Advice
Character Specific Team Stages Advice
Character Specific Damage Building Advice for Giant DK, Metal Mario, and especially Master Hand
Unlock All Characters Routing
All Unlockables Routing

Next To Cover:
General Sector Z(Samus) Advice
Character Specific Sector Z(Samus) Advice
General Peach's Castle(Mario Bros.) Advice
Character Specific Peach's Castle(Mario Bros.) Advice
Character Specific
Next biggest time saver??

Side Video Guide Projects:
Character Specific Bonuses(Min. Targets)
Route Videos For Full Game Categories(with Options)
Rules/Legality Progression for SSB 64 Running
History of Smash 64 Speedrunning Series (2005-07, 2008-11,12-14,15-16)
Fastest Method of Ending Bonuses(min completion) Char Specific

If you have input for any video or the direction I am going with the series I would be thankful for it.

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