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Was considering to play this game and noticed within the rules it states that loading times are not counted, if that's the case would it be easier to use IGT by add up the time each track took. I'm unsure how one would remove loading times from ones time

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Yeah it's a little confusing for me, too, considering there's no full videos for any of these full game categories... I haven't looked at them since I became mod (this game was abandoned).

That does sound like the best idea, though, so I rewrote the rules so the timing is measured that way.

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Great stuff, more logical to me.

Furthermore, not like it matters but maybe the default page should be the full game categories?

The other mod of this game hasn’t been on for 2 months. So is great that you are active.


Just figured id drop in and say hey. I posted this game about 4 years ago and ive honestly forgot about it since then. If i had a ps2 id be playing it. I would love to be a bigger part of moderating the game at the least if i cant play it. And thanks capes for taking over, i grew up playing this game so its cool to see other people enjoying it.

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