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Just finished a run it went pretty well only major error was Johnny Gat trolling me in the Pyramid with his abysmal path finding making me fail 3 times losing about 2m30s in the end. There were also still quite a few 15-20secs lost here and there from bad play or bad luck but still ended with a 4:31 IGT which was a 4:44:52 according to the timer on my phone. Respect went really well never really had to grind out any levels, only took 2 tags early on which I could have properly skipped, and I comfortable made enough to be able to take the University stronghold before the Demo Derby, not sure how consistent this is I have made it 2/3 time so it could have been one bad run.

I’ll properly do 1 more run sometime next week to get that sub 4:30 IGT then take a week or so off before picking it up to go through it mission by mission trying to find any skips or tricks to speed them up and also try to lock in if we need any tags or not.


Awesome!! I just added some splits to the resources here if anyone wants to run this and they won't have to redo any work.

During my run, I had to get 4 tags, total. Everything was very close. I also had an extra level of respect before Demo Derby but since it was that way in my splits, I still just did that first. I think I'll keep it that way, stay on the safe side. At least for now. I can always move it around later if it's consistent enough.

I noticed I was a lot closer on respect earlier on. After B1, I was riiiiiight on the edge. I did the 2 tags you see running up from the caverns and was just under so I had to do one extra before the samedi stronghold. It all worked out though 🙂


Did a run earlier which was pretty godly (Poseidon Alley Docks SW was at 2:20IGT 4 or so mins quicker than my 4:31 run with a late 2mins of lost time a 4:26 is the target for now) until it died due to getting a pushback but a couple of things of note did come out of it.

1.I finished Insurance fraud at 21mins IGT never seen anything better that 22 before. The best way is seemingly to just fall in front of the car while building adrenaline then switching to jump rag-dolling while in adrenaline this way seems to get it done the quickest.

2.Seemingly the key to getting respect that is needed relies on getting a good amount in Bleeding Out and Suburbs Strip Club these 2 missions alone done well sets you up to stay on track.

3.In Waste Not Want Not if you go to the far corner of the heli pad during the 1:30 countdown the guards rarely path find to you so a toilet break here is a good time to do so.


Okay I'm back 🙂 Have started re-learning everything and am making decent progress. I've only encountered one problem however and that is how to warp back to the start of insurance fraud after completing level 1.. Am i missing something and just being retarded?

I'm going to start streaming now so if you're awake it'd be awesome if you could stop by dude 🙂


Got it, I was being retarded lol


Tornado spawn is doing my head in man.. 3 runs this morning with a sub 13:30 down payment with no tornado spawn.. please lol 🙁

Also, where abouts in the run do we get the oppressor to be able to fly it after veteran child?


Nice, dude! And the oppressor is after Airborne Assault, I believe. After the one where you fly with Tobias and burn all the drugs.

The tornado spawn suuuuucks. At least it's better than Dampe, being so far into the OoT 100% run lol.

Sorry I didn't stop by! I need to follow you on Twitch 🙂


No problems at all man, SR2 is pretty much all i'll be streaming from now on until I meet my goal except for when I stream with my girlfriend 🙂

I did 9 tornado attempts yesterday and not once did I get a spawn, however sellz was there and he let me know about save files interrupting each other so I'm thinking that's why I was having no luck.

So i've sorted out my save files and got a shortcut so I can delete them every time I want to start fresh 🙂 Gunna be doing more practice tomorrow night and the night after, can't wait 😃

And yeah I guess it's true it's not as bad as dampe, but at least you can farm dampe over and over, at least i'm getting lots of practice for the start of the run i guess lol


Finished a run last night that ended as a 4:24 IGT which came out to a 4:39:06 according to the timer on my phone.

The run was very solid, no major time loses that I can think of with respect going perfectly having the correct amount at all times without having to take any tags.

A couple of strats that I came up with on the fly that seemed to help save a few secs but need looking into:

During Waste Not Want Not: when you buy the Geiger counter you have the money to buy 3 rockets which can be used later on in the run such as on the car for a quick kill during Burning Down the House which takes 3 rockets to do.

Also on Waste Not Want Not: On the heli pad while you are waiting you can either kill the first bunch of guards that come to kill you then wait at the far corner of the pad from the stairs where they rarely are able to path to you and take a quick break or if you need respect you can grab guards and throw them off the side. You get 3 silver stars each time you throw one which is 150ish respect each time so you can comfortable get an extra 1k respect in what is dead time anyways that is the equivalent of 2 tags.

In Assault on Precinct 31: when the doors to the heli pad open kill all the guards and move the heli closer to the door while Shaundi is hacking so she doesn’t have to run as far.

And finally small route tweaks I’ll change the main route post later to avoid confusion.

I have come to the conclusion that the best start is U0 Revelation buy 2 bikes, SR4 Three Kings then S1 Got Dust, Will Travel. This is for respect reasons ensuring you hit that final level every time.

And the end is tweaked to

S8 Riot Control, S9 Eternal Sunshine, R10 Good D, S10 Assault on Precinct 31, S11 The Shopping Maul then R11 One Man's Junk... This is due to making sure the tornado returns to the heli menu without the need to reload a save.


For the new start is that based on getting the right amount of respect in terms of safety or is there no time loss compared to the old route or taking 2 tags? (20 seconds)

And how does the end part keep the heli in the menu?

I'm gunna stream tonight (soonish) with more practice but it'll probably just be early game stuff again, I'm not sure whether or not I should grind up to veteran child and get consistent at the early game or do a full run playthrough in order to jog my memory of all the missions, what do you think?

I feel like my ability to get consistent will not really be a problem and a lack of memory is my biggest hurdle at the moment, even though it may not be the best way to get better at the run in general


The starting 2 missions are interchangeable there is no time lost by doing one mission first over another. The only thing that changes by doing Revelation first is that you get the 30% boost on Three Kings and as you are only ever going to miss out on the final level of respect by a hundred or so respect the 30% boost make it 99% consistent you will get the respect without having to do tags so the overall time save is from the lack of tags needed to get the extra level.

The Vehicle spawning and despawning is weird basically there are times where if you just used the heli in a mission that warps you back to the safe house at the end, Eternal Sunshine for example, the Tornado will not return to the heli menu as it hasn’t yet despawned from the previous location. The way to get over this normally would be to reload an auto save to bring it back to the menu. The mission rearrangement I have done means that we cut out 1 extra reload after Eternal Sunshine by putting a mission, Good D, in after. As it is a mission that doesn’t need the tornado it acts as a way to despawn the heli and put it back in your heli menu for Assault on Precinct 31.

As for practice if I was to break it into sections I would break it up into sections like this:

1 start to end of fuzz (45mins)
2 end of fuzz to RS Amberbrook Museum Pier (40mins)
3 Veteran Child to Waste Not Want Not (35mins)
4 Imperial Square Pagodas to Stilwater University Student Union/ demo derby (40mins)
5 Sunnyvale Gardens Fishing Dock to Room Service (40mins)
6 Showdown to One Man's Junk... (45mins)
7 U Cutscene to ...and a Better Life (20mins)


So I haven't been able to stream recently (obviously). School's been taking up a big chunk of time. I'll try to get to it when I can but I'll probably just practice more than anything in the near future since I can pause the timer and don't have to worry about taking breaks and whatnot. This should work better anyway because when I come back to making full runs, I SHOULD be more consistent. In theory anyway Kappa

Oh and I think I remember you saying at some point that your run was killed by a pushback. I don't think I actually addressed that. Pushbacks aren't necessary to complete the missions. You can literally just skip them, afaik. I'm fairly certain that that's why I did during one of my runs and it worked out fine. Not sure what would happen if there's a mission in the pushback neighborhood though.


I just picked up the PC version. What's the verdict on Gentlemen of the Row? Or is it just powertools we should use? Obviously, we shouldn't use game changing mods but what about the vanilla patch or the onscreen 360 buttons and such?


About the pushback’s, though I have never tested it, I was under the impression that the ultor cutscene will not appear if there are pushback’s on the map. This was the case in SR1 so I assumed that it would also be the case for SR2 that will go on the list of what is needed to be tested.


I got one at some point and from what I remember, I just ignored it and it all worked out. I didn't have to do it. But from the wiki, it says "Finishing a gang arc causes Pushback events to cease for that gang. Unlike Strongholds, an active Pushback does not prevent the final mission being available." I assume that also means an active Pushback will be stopped.


Not sure who is left active in this game but I am coming back round to routing/running this game as I have finished with SR1 for now. I'm happy with the mission order we have got so I am going to concentrate on finding the little individual mission strats breaking the game down mission by mission to see if I can find way to make them both quicker and more consistent and the driving routes we take which we’ve neglected due to the amount we use the heli.

If there is anything you want me to test or if there is anything you have found that will save me some time it would be much appreciated.


I'm not quite active but will likely return in the summer, in a month or two. I've been doing some zombies runs cause they're shorter for right now and I often can't take out ~8 hours (for heli attempts) for a run. I can likely help route, though, to test some stuff.


The bulk of my testing time has gone into the following 2 things:

There is a theoretical route that could be a decent time save if it is possible which could be done either in a risky way or a slightly slower risk free way. Take appointed defender - get the tattoo – drive to the police station and listen to the wiretaps (even with the mission running this is possible I have tested it) get the tornado – call Dex to get the marker on the map (again possible with the mission running) then finish the mission in the tornado – instead of doing the races, as you will not be able as you would lose the heli, do the first level of fuzz nearby which is quicker in the tornado then do Down Payment flying back in the tornado saving it after and going to Insurance fraud from there.

(The riskier way would be to go to Tee “N” ay before the police station but this would put a time limit on getting to the next part)

I was messing around with the riskier route and after listening to the wiretaps and seeing the heli was not there I was messing about while I thought of what to do next. While I was thinking what to do next I faced the unopened door and was spinning the camera around, as there was a strat I found doing something similar with the oppressor that work moderately well but was time consuming, and to my surprise after 20 or so revolutions the tornado spawned second before the time to get to the next objective run out.

I have repeated the spinning of the camera to test if this is the solution to our tornado issues but it is horrible inconsistent. What I found is that if it doesn’t spawn in the first 25 revolutions it doesn’t at all and of the 5 time I tried it only spawned twice, it did spawn a third time but I ran into the station to the point it shows the switching of the districts and when I came back it was there.

If you could also test the spinning method or have any thoughts on it, it would be helpful if we could get the spawn down even to an increased chance it makes the game more runnable and even raceable.


So basically these steps:
1) Do the wiretaps (before going to Tee N Ay or during the countdown)
2) Go to police building
3) Listen to wiretaps
4) Go to check for tornado. If there, call Dex. If not there, continue.
5) Go back to the one unopened door, stand inside the police station, and, while looking out, don't move but revolve camera around until it spawns or we've done 25 revolutions, whichever's first.

Is that right?


Yer that is what is needs to be done. What I want to test is:

How consistent the spinning strat is and at what point is the reset rather than continuing (that is an upside that resets will be 5mins in rather that 15mins in)

If without the driving from the court to the forgive and forget and then to Gats house will the respect be enough from just one level of fuzz

If no will 2 levels of fuzz get us 2 levels of respect so after Down Payment we do Revelation then save warp and do insurance fraud possibly saving a level 6 activity later in the run

Is there a place to fit in Flash Bangs or will the lack them be too much of an issue an alternative could be the Satchel Charge in Jailbreak if they can be take out of the mission.

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