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Alright, that makes sense. Works for me!
And yeah, it shouldn't matter so much anyway, at least for any%, if only because it's so long that I can't see it coming down to seconds.


Just finished my first (semi-complete) any% run using my splits. The only thing that makes it semi complete is that, since I'm not actually going for a real wr/pb, and just going to have SOME splits, I did pause to use the bathroom or check my phone or whatever. Niether the IGT I got nor the RTA should be used for any actual basis but for IGT, I have 5:16 and RTA, 5:30:45. There were SO many screwups and I did softlock the game on The Enemy of My Enemy. For that, I definitely ended up pausing the timer till I got to the same point. It was about a 10 min loss and I wanted my splits to have some resemblance of an actual time.

For that mission, though, The Enemy of My Enemy, to have it not softlock, I took the Tornado to the cargo ship, killed everyone with it, parked it at the front, and went to kill the guys inside. I took it back up afterwards and in between rounds, I parked it back in that spot. It seemed to work alright throughout.

All in all, there are so many improvements to be made. Sub-5 is 100% possible even without a terrible amount of practice. My guess is we could take it down to 4:30, even, with micro strats. Beyond that, idk.



Good to see the run went ok. 4:30 IGT is definitely going to be possible I have little doubt about it my last run from 2 or so weeks ago was 4:45 and that was my 3rd run with this new route so if we were to combine the best of both our routes and find what is the best or near best possible route 15 mins IGT will melt off pretty quickly.

4:30 RT will take some big finds for us to get it there but even that wouldn't surprise me greatly SR3 lost 36mins RT in a year or so and SR4 lost 10mins RT in a month and they were far more optimized that SR2 is now.


I got my time down to 5:23:07 RTA and 4:57 IGT. I had 2 HUGE mess ups. I had to do the last level of demo derby 4 times cause I kept getting trolled. And I had to do Salting the Earth...Again 3 times. Once because I accidentally hit warp to shore, once because the chase was just UNFAIR and it took me 3 minutes to chase him around the island only to not catch up at all and he "escaped" and once more to do it right. So between the two of them, it was about a 12 minute time loss. I'm not going to submit my recorded run, however, because starting with the Ultor missions, the audio fucked up dramatically. I don't know what happened but I think, since I just got this card, I'm going to send it back and get an Elgato instead of this roxio.


Congrates on your new PB FAR even with sound issues I would still suggest that you add your time to the leader boards mainly as it is/would be the only real competitive time on it. If someone else decides to pick up the game it is common practice to watch the WR and it would be helpfully to them to see your run regardless of audio issues for parts.


Sure thing. I'll work on that now then. I'm still so happy for the incredible Tornado luck I had.

EDIT: Whoops. Forgot I deleted the video after I found out about the audio haha. Nbd, I'll probably do another run within the next couple days anyway.


Okay! So I'll be uploading the VOD soon god that was quite the game. Bleeding Out straight up bugged out. Lost 5.5 mins because it said the car was destroyed when I got to the hospital (which it clearly isn't). I lost 10 mins from the softlock twice on The Enemy of My Enemy. And then I lost 4 mins from dying twice in Rounds Square Shopping Mall Stronghold. If it was just those that didn't happen, this would easily have been sub 4:45, RTA. As such, I got 5:03:52. IGT was 4:32. I can totally see this being sub 4 after enough practice. With only 2 runs by me, it's already almost sub 4:45.

Now that I feel pretty comfortable with this route, I really want to work on combining the best aspects of ours, Sellz. I bet if we do that, the next time I run, I'll drop by another 20 mins. I really want to work it out so Mayhem isn't necessary haha. I focused on trying to not even kill people I didn't need to to speed it up and still barely had to do 3 mayhem missions.

All in all, I'm glad the way this came out. Definitely needs some improvement but it's a good first step to post.

EDIT: Sellz, after Brotherhood 1, you say to fly back to Riot Control in the Oppressor. I always lost mine at the end of that mission. Did you park it and then complete the mission?

EDIT 2: I just went through all of the splits for each of us. They're super similar in time, actually, but the biggest thing that stands out is my extra mayhem I needed. It seems like yours might take just a bit longer if it wasn't for that but that's probably cause you make extra trips to the dealership. All the numbers I used were just approximations of how long it'd take to travel, save warp, or taxi somewhere. I actually think I like the way yours is set up because it makes sense. Find the best route between 2 gangs to get as much money as possible to get the most respect, then bust out the last one, and then the ultor missions. The only thing I think I'd change is moving the Museum Pier Stronghold to later to use the chopper there. It's a bit shorter, using the tornado. What I did was do that and then head straight toward Visiting Hours and that worked well enough but idk how essential the stronghold is to getting that 30k for the car at FP. I might do a run tomorrow with your splits just to see how it all works out, first hand.

In the end, the route will probably change more with more glitches and individual levels strats will be paramount.


I have some free time over the next 4 days so I’m going to spend some time going through both routes combining the best of the two. I think that some of your mission sequence if better, while my respect management is better so a happy medium between the two will save a boatload of time. The first real target is the sub 4:30 route from there it is nickel and diming those minutes down to see just how far it can go.

There are some missions that are too logical not to keep together, e.g. Ronin 1 and 2, so there is a template of how quite a bit of the run will go but with 3 good means of travelling quickly, Tornado, taxi and savewarps, the options are pretty open which is always a good thing. There are also some that are missions and stronghold that are awkward to fit in, Wardill Airport Hangers Stronghold was one of them in my route, but we can keep shifting thing around until we get them all in nicely.


Ugh so I just downloaded the free SR2 on steam for this weekend. Load times are lightning fast compared to 360 (and the game is lightning fast, but that's another story as we know). I know you all said it but now I've experienced it. To be competitive in the same category, I'll probably have to get that. I don't want to yet, though, if only because I've already bought a capture card. But I also just like playing on the 360 better so there's that. But once times start getting closer together, we'll have to split the categories and I'll probably switch to the PC so we still have competition.

Also, we can obviously look at the IGT too, but when times get closer, minutes matter and they don't display seconds.


I spent an hour or so messing about with barrier breaking using the taunt/ explosive method and while I found a few thing of note, that may be of help if and when we know of more glitches, I can't see much that will save time now.

Few things I tried:

In Kanto Connection instead of using the marker to enter the building I tried to barrier break in to see if maybe we would be able to use weapons. Sadly the whole interior is a trigger for the cut scene taking you to the next part. So no luck.

In First Impressions you barrier break it will put you and your homies on the surface but will not credit you with taking any of the checkpoints along the route so you can’t skip the cavern part.

In The Shopping Maul I tried to see if maybe the general stays in the elevator out of reach until you go through and moves him into the car after. Sadly not you can get in the elevator but it is empty.

In the Pyramid Scheme I tried skipping the notoriety part and just go to the pyramid and while it is open and Johnny gat is there he does not trigger and the card key is not there. You can go through the doors to where the bombs are but the markers are not there. I then tried to break to where the bear is to see if that works but I could not get through the gate so do not know if that would work. If it does that would be a massive time save but I have my doubts.

Now to the positives, as slim as there are:

I found a way to death warp from the police island to the hospital where
Visiting Hours mission is. Basically there is spot where you bust through a wall and land on the tunnel from the tutorial and die and for some reason you are taken to the hospital on the main land rather than in the police station. So maybe after Prison fight club, if this activity is done, you could use this death warp to get to Visiting Hours.

There is a world hole in the north west of the first island you can get into by crouching under a bridge. If you parachute south towards the water you go into an upwards swim animation and when you reach a certain height a short loading screen pops up and you are warped to the Stillwater Caverns to the place where you have to destroy the shanties in Stilwater Caverns stronghold. If you barrier break you are put on the bridge 50 meters or so from the start of Riot Control. So Maybe after either Demo Derby or Ultor
Dome Fight club this could be use to get to Riot Control IF the option to take a cab there is not open, not sure if it is or not in your route.


Hmm...the Prison Island one is very interesting. That one can possibly be of use. I also saw the death in the police tunnels too because I tried to make some warp from File In The Cake possible. That didn't happen with that death and the warp I did manage to get, which was out of the way, warped me to where we come out of from planting the bomb so it looks like any warp there wouldn't work either. The Riot Control one might work but the taxi does put you even closer so I'm not sure if that'd be necessary. But it's definitely good to know.

I've been trying for the past couple hours to figure out the soft lock on The Enemy of My Enemy and I've come up with nothing to prevent it. HOWEVER! It is actually not a softlock. I found a "fix." If you notice that the enemies don't show up on the minimap after the 10s timer expires, what you can do is jump off the boat and start swimming towards land. When you get a certain point, not terribly far, they'll pop up. Sometimes you'll need to do this, sometimes not. From everything I've seen, it's completely random when using the Tornado (even though I can't imagine it actually is random). If you want, I can make up a video.

EDIT: Instead of swimming, actually, just put your chopper super close to the water, about 3 "chopper lengths" from the boat. I have no idea how to actually define that length but that should give you an idea. I just replayed this mission about 5 times, each one, placing my chopper just over the water, splashing and then going just a bit higher than that. It worked every one. I moved into position as soon as the wave ended so I was just sitting there when it begun. Literally 0 time loss. I think we have a fix for this mission.


I tried the Tornado strat on The Enemy of My Enemy and it works for me too. Now we can use the tornado on all 3 waves the annihilator no longer saves enough time to make up for Mayhem being longer than prison fight club.

Over the last 2 days I have totally redone the route to combine the best of both mine and FAR's and TBH it has be a pain to do but I'm nearly there another few hours tomorrow evening and I'll have it done. Money management was the main problem as FAR's route is more level in what missions are done than mine it lead to a few issue but I have solved it.

I'll try to get the new route on here ASAP but I'm pretty sure it will be there or there abouts in terms of the final route for the foreseeable future so we can concentrate on the strats rather than the route.


SR1 Jailbreak.

SR2 Appointed Defender.

Race twice for 1 level of respect.

SR3 Down Payment.

Listen to wire taps and get tornado (not there reset?) (when you see the heli Call Dex before getting in the heli and get the Ultor icon on the mini map I have had time
where his number disappears if left and have had to listen to the wire taps again which is a 3mins of lost time) save it at safe house.

Insurance Fraud 3 levels fly to first in tornado SW after.

(¤1)SR4 Three Kings IH.

U0 Revelation IH after grab a car form the road drive to the bike shop and
buy 30k worth of bikes for level 6 style. SW after.

S1 Got Dust, Will Travel IH. (¤1)

Fuzz Projects District to level 6.

R1 Saint's Seven IH.

R2 Laundry Day. SW after grab Kobras if you have done already you will be in the apartment crib.

RS Suburbs Strip Club IH.

R3 Road Rage IH.

S2 File in the Cake IH.

S3 Airborne Assault.

R4 Bleeding Out.

RS Humbolt Park Science Museum.

RS Amberbrook Museum Pier TT SW after. (¤2)

S4 Veteran Child IH

SRS Go there in the oppressor

B1 First Impressions take the above ground option and use oppressor to fly back. SW

SS Bavogian Plaza Drug Labs IH blow up the heli on the roof land then do the inside parts after (¤3)

Fly to Ultor Dome foreign power buy car then land tornado next to fight flub and do fight club.

B2 Reunion Tour IH after car 4 fly to the start of next stronghold while escaping

BS Sommerset Apartments

B3 Waste Not Want Not Little trick when you enter the boat pull up the map the triangle on the island is where the nuclear waste will be so you can go straight to it.

(¤4) BS Imperial Square Pagodas IH

S5 Burning Down the House IH

S6 Bad Trip

B4 Red Asphalt IH

BS Poseidon Alley Docks SW after

B5 Bank Error in Your Favor IH Little trick when you grab Jessica after she turns of the alarm run straight to the front door it is possible to get out the
door before swat comes in blocking it.

R5 Orange Threat Level

BS Wardill Airport Hangars move TT SW after

B6 Thank You and Goodnight!

(¤5)Buy cars from Ultor Dome Foreign Power take taxi to DD

(¤6)Demo derby

SS Stilwater University Student Union (¤6)

SS Sunnyvale Gardens Fishing Dock IH after bomb is set on the boat during countdown get back in fly to next mission

R6 Kanto Connection IH

B7 Retribution IH I like to leave the roof of the car park until last so you end nearer to next mission

B8 Jail Bait IH SW

S7 Bonding Experience TT

R7 Visiting Hours

B9 The Enemy of my Enemy IH SW

B10 The Siege SW after

R8 Room Service IH

(¤7)B11 Showdown

Buy cars fly to Prison Fight club.(¤7)

SS Elysian Fields Trailer Park IH grab Satchel Charge

R9 Rest in Peace

RS New Hennequet Rec Center TT

S8 Riot Control TT there is a chance to get the GAL 43 from a bum so be on the lookout for it

R10 Good D

S9 Eternal Sunshine IH SW

S10 Assault on Precinct 31 IH

S11 The Shopping Maul IH SW after

R11 One Man's Junk... IH SW

U Cutscene TT SW after

U1 Picking a Fight IH

(¤8)US Rounds Square Shopping Center TT SW after

U2 Pyramid Scheme IH SW after (¤8)

U3 Salting the Earth...Again IH

U4 ...and a Better Life Little trick don’t get straight in the car jump on top when the limo starts to move shot the limo with 3 rockets this will do the full
required damage and it will go straight to the Phillips building saving a min over chasing it using guns.

¤¤ An important part of this route is money management to get it right I had to pay attention to day night cycles so there were some mission strands that were interchangeable but were put in a particular order so when the right save warp came up it went to the right safe house. To make the money for cars in this route work each time you save warp and end up in the apartment crib take the money from the money stash up until after the last car is bought after B11 Showdown.

¤1 These missions are pretty interchangeable as long as you get the 3rd level
of respect after the 2nd mission

¤2 Not doing this in a heli as the time taken to collect the heli, fly there, land and then do it negates the save in doing it in the heli. There is not viable mission nearby that either needs the heli during it or ends with the heli so a flight across the map will always be needed here.

¤3 The respect for this one is close I personally have never not had enough but a few tags maybe needed to be taken for this. One thing that is strange that I recently noticed is that on the flight back to end Brotherhood 1 you are given some respect that seems to round up to the next level this has happen to me every time I tested it. It is something I need to look into it may be open to abuse.

¤4 Doing this in a heli is a annoying but the save the heli makes to S5 Burning Down the House means it is needed to be done. Use the rockets onboard the heli for first 3 location land it on the road and use guns for the 4th one if you park the heli too close to the 4th location it will despawn during the cut scene. You also need to take care of the heli may be worth practising doing BS Imperial Square Pagodas and S5 Burning Down the House.

¤5 There is 2 options here you can either get the cars by flying to the Harrowgate Foreign Power before going to the warehouse to get the firework truck or in the place mentioned. The place mentioned is quicker but if gotten in Harrowgate you get an extra 5% respect boost for B6 Thank You and Goodnight! This may get you an extra level of respect.

¤6 These 2 are interchangeable if you get the extra level of respect mentioned above. If you have that level do SS Stilwater University Student Union first.

¤7 If you have 120k before B11 Showdown buy cars first if not you will after
get them then

¤8 these two are interchangeable either way is fine.


This is awesome. I hope to do an any% run some time this week but I may also just practice the Pagodas Stronghold/Burning Down the House as you noted. I did try that before in the heli and I know that it's possible but I failed so many times that it's definitely something that needs practice and shouldn't really be rushed into since you can easily lose minutes on it. So I'll totally switch up my route to this! Thanks so much for your work on the route, I looked through it and it totally looks like it'll be wonderful.

One question, though, is why do you say to pick up the Satchel Charges at the trailer park stronghold? What are they used for?


Oops ¤9 I guess lol

A nice little trick, during US Rounds Square Shopping Centre, when you get to the part with the executive throw a Satchel into the middle of them and remote detonate while in the air and it will take out nearly all of them instantly so you are left clearing up the last one or two then back through the same door you came into onto the toad.

Also a quick question, are you running a digital version of the game? I recently tried my disc and it run worse/ slower. On the digital I can do up to Down Payment in 14mins IGT comfortably every time but on the disc 15mins is the best I have managed.


I installed the game to my Xbox hdd from the disc. I get about 14 igt most of the time too.


So here's a "wrong" would it be to mod the game to always cause a Tornado to spawn? I was looking at this:

It gives some details about adding a Tornado Spawn point and I figure that we can leverage something like that and since it would only fix RNG, I don't know how wrong it'd be.

EDIT: idk how but when I wrote this, I didn't see "Spawn Chance" under the description. I think if we change that to 1 or something, it'll always spawn. Just an idea.

EDIT 2: After looking through, it seems that that's just the actual percentage so if we set it at 100, it might spawn every time. I don't have to PC version so if someone wants to take a look at that (if this might be a viable option), you could see if that could help at all.


For a practise run it would be ok. For a real run that is going to be submitted this is not allow as soon as you tweak one thing it opens up too much grey area and will be no different to using cheats. If you up one spawn rate it is only a small jump to why not just spawn one in using cheats.


That's a very good point. Even though the spawn rate is super annoying, I'd agree.

I'm also going to ¤most likely¤ do an any% run this weekend. I'll be at a hotel, though, so I won't be able to stream and probably won't even record so it won't count. It'll be mainly to see the effectiveness and get some splits.


I did a run (unrecorded)! I got a PB and it was all so terrible. Like...I just played so badly lol. But I still got a PB of 5:03:03. So what this tells me is that the route is pretty great!

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