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@SOB I have watch the part of your stream where you did Insurance Fraud and used your method for it, as it is far quicker than doing it normally, but even with this it is quite a bit slower than septic avenger I run on console so the timing is obviously different but for me it is 8mins slower so if infinite sprint save more than 8mins over the run, which on instinct I would say it will, the switch up is worth it.

@martin to me tyhe only reward that are worth it are unlimited ammo in any weapon and infinite sprint I personally wouldn’t go out of the way to pick up anything other than these 2.

Also about my route: I do Revelation solely as a way to get quick cash in order it get style bonus as early as possible it is 30k for 7ish min mission and it allows you to get to style level 6 with a 30% boost on respect earn. Doing an activity to completion gets you 52,500 respect with no multiplier so with 30% you get an extra 15,750 which is basically like getting a 2x level 6 reward plus 1,750. SO every 4 full activities you do you get the equivalent of a 5th in bonus respect so that is a 20min save.

If we could find a way of getting big money fast we could cut out this mission all together saving both the time doing it and the level use to do the mission. I have an idea to abuse the chops shop by calling in taxis to deliver but I have yet to test that speed wise.

Also had the idea to take the heli (horizon as it has 4 seats) after Insurance fraud and do snatch in the heli I know it is possible to pick them up what I need to find out is if it I viable to do all 6 level without destroying the heli letting you fly to saints 3 and doing saints 3 in the heli after which you can save it and use it for saints 4.


Hey guys

I've run SR2 about a week about but don't have a capture cam so I couldn't record it. I got 5:53:20 RTA and that could TOTALLY be optimized. I'm thinking sub 5 for sure.

One thing I definitely want to note is that I only completed 5 activities (with 1 extra level of a mission later). I started out and as soon as you do Appointed Defender, head over to the crowd control right off of the suburbs. I haven't actually timed Septic Avenger but it seems like it'd take so much more time.

In Crowd Control, don't play the rooftop one but do the others. BUT make sure you do level 6 at the ultor dome. This way, you end up right next to Fight Club and can immediately do that. I finished up to here with a time of 33:31. At this point, though, you're right next to the car shop but have 19,700, just 300 shy of buying a car for mucho style points. I've been trying to think of ways to quickly get an extra 300 for that.

Anyway, After Fight Club, I took a taxi to the Insurance Fraud. My strategy was to quickly get up to the highway in the factories district. That made it super easy to finish all 6 rounds. And after that, take a taxi over to the foreign power in the dt (or close to) district. Hit up Snatch after that.

After doing these 4, I have splits that head off with the samedi but then go between the ronin and brotherhood for the most part. At a certain point, I get low on respect and head over to the university where I do that stronghold for the samedi and do the demo derby. Demo derby is SUPER quick, compared to everything else.

At this point, depending on how you've been racking up respect on the side and if you could buy a car after fight club, you should have enough. But if you don't, you can kill yourself somewhere on the southern island, maybe by the hideout, and you'll respawn at the hospital which has a heli assault. The first level there goes by real quick but the others take so much longer.

I've found the the best activities in these orders are
1) Crowd Control (Suburbs) (14:26)
2) Fight Club (Ultor Dome) (9:39)
3) Insurance Fraud (Factories) (13:45)
4) Snatch (Downtown) (25:36 - 2 major hiccups)
5) Demo Derby (University) (6:21)

Anything else seemed to take much longer and the only reason CC is really in this list is it's close to the end of Appointed Defender and lets off at FC.


So, just as a general consensus, do we ignore Drug Trafficking and Septic Avenger at all costs?


That's what I'm thinking. They seemed to just take so much time, comparatively. I think it'd be more useful to try to get to the prison and do that Fight Club there since that'd only be about 10 mins as well.

The only real useful awards are Snatch and IF so those are top priority, regardless of time, IMO.

Oh, and Chop Shop and Hitman would be good if we can reliably find a route where we'd definitely see targets but...they don't seem to offer enough to make them worth it either.

On another note, do you think getting a chopper is actually often a good thing to do early? You get a fast one as part of the Samedi (assuming it doesn't glitch out) and besides that, save warping and taxis will probably be faster regardless.


How do you get the chopper with the Factories Insurance Fraud? I thought I saw you mention it but I can't find it now...

My strategy with IF is to keep restarting until in the Factories district. This has 2 advantages. The first is that you're right there. The other is that you can do this:

Basically, you get to the highway super quick and beat everything right there. If going to the airport to get a chopper is going to be quicker overall, even if it makes IF a little longer, I'll totally change my strategy to do that.

Also, thanks for the money hint. That should make respect even a little easier to get. The only drawback is with how many activities I do, I'll have to constantly get near misses and drive in the wrong lane.

EDIT: duh, you explained how right above. I had an issue where the airport didn't always have a heli. I'll have to look a bit closer and start comparing times.


I way I see it the first obstacles to be solved are the following:

1.The first level(s) of respect to be gained after S2

2.Whether Revelation is locked in as the way we make quick cash

3.Whether we go S2 - S3 - Revelation then activities or S2 - Revelation - activities then S3 possibly in a heli

4.When, which and where activities are done in the route with the idea of time to reward value, style boost and travel to the activity

5. Insurence fraud until level 6 airport strats are a must but to level 3 reseting for close by/ good area is properly the way to go but them you don’t get a heli at the end.

For 1 up to now I have been using the nearby race to get to level 1 respect. Doing it twice gets you there comfortably. No doubt there may be better options but that is the first way I came up with to do it quickly

For 2 I was the one who came up with the Revelation strat 30k allows you level 6 style and I reasoned that the time invested to get the money to do that was offset by the time saved no having to complete extra activities.

For 3 I personally go the second way but I see the benefits of the first I did some test and found that snatch in a heli is possible, as your vehicle is fixed at the end of each level, But the risk is very much there if you get caught on any sort of ledge it is very likely the heli is done and you with it.

For 4 like I have said before the only upgrades that are remotely worth a detour for are unlimited ammo for any gun and increased/ infinite sprint the rest are just getting them done quickly. The dream scenario for me would be both fight clubs level 6 demo derby level 6 snatch level 6 or fuzz level 6 for unlimited ammo and insurance fraud level 3/6 and if needed crowd control level 3.

For 5 it hinges on snatch if that gets locked in for twin Gal unlimited ammo then a heli is desirable so level 6 with airport may be the way to go even if technically level 3 rewards will suffice along with the fact the main bulk of respect come for level 5 and 6 but that is more time consuming than 3 levels.


@Sellz, One thing I am confused on, though, is why the revelation mission is important to do. I know that getting that extra respect is important but with the activities I had done, I found no need for the bonus respect that early on and the activities I'd done were pretty fast, to boot. I feel that the extra time spent going to the police station, doing the mission, and heading to the activity afterwards would be much more than simply doing a small set of activities to make up the respect you would have gotten at that time. The way I have it planned, you only have to do 2 sets of activities with lower respect and then everything else with level 5. You end up with enough respect to take you to the final mission as well, assuming you do what you can to get respect as you kill gang members and drive "poorly."

Also, I do see the importance of getting SR3 done before, at least the IF activity, if we're going for airport strats so that race would probably be beneficial. Otherwise, we can't store the heli.

Do you know how long Fuzz takes? I did it once and it didn't seem like it took terribly long but it seemed like there were better options out there. Particularly going to do both fight clubs because they're each less than 10 mins.

I'd ultimately say that Snatch and IF are must have's. But having a heli for snatch, to make it consistent, would probably be for the best. Right now, so many things can go wrong that can put you so far behind.

@SOB, I'll take a look at that tonight. Seems like it could be a solid plan and it might make it so I don't have to do CC and will get a heli which will be even better. But afterwards, would you continue with IF till 6 or just go for the sprint boost but not unlimited?

I still have to try out those airport strats too cause I have a hard time understanding how it'd be faster than the highway but for now, I'll accept it 😛

I think what I'll do is set a timer and try to see my best times out of "x" runs.

As a last note, the one thing that I know would make everything more awesome is if we could get a tornado or the other attack chopper. Fuzz would be over so fast, as well as mayhem. But without DLC, we don't have one by default, and in over 10 attempts, couldn't find one at the police station. Stupid RNG!


Revelation gives you 30k as a cash reward for doing it in turn with that money you buy a magma and get to level 6 style giving you a 30% boost on respect earned. Doing an activity to completion gets you 52,500 respect with no multiplier so with 30% you get an extra 15,750 which is basically like getting a 2x level 6 reward plus 1,750. SO every 4 full activities you do you get the equivalent of a 5th in bonus respect so that is a 20min save.

That in itself is enough of a justification but what else it lets you do is from just 2 level 6 activities complete you get enough respect to string enough missions together to get the money then needed to upgrade again before having to do other activities speeding respect earned by 35-45% by the end of the run. When you hit level 9 style and have the 45% respect boost you are able to earn whole levels of respect from just shooting gang member streaks. In my route 4 activities to level 6 are done and 1 l activity to level 3 is done without the boosts you would need to do 7-8 to level 6.

Is that Oppressor spawn consistent enough I was under the impression that it is a rare spawn like the Tornado on the police station?


Hmm...I was able to do 5 activities to level 6 but if we do that mission, I'm guessing all of CC will be able to be skipped.

If this works, my guess for the beginning is this:
Appointed Defender
Suburb Race
Down Payment
Revelation (look for tornado while in Police Station here)
Buy car
IF (get chopper, if no tornado)
Either FC or Snatch, depending on chopper strats.

The other activities should probably be FC at ultor dome (if the prison one isn't done) and/or demo derby. Demo derby should definitely be done when doing the University stronghold for the samedi, though. There's usually no need to be in that district at all.

I think that strats can change dramatically if we wind up with the tornado but that's a whole other discussion and we should proceed assuming we don't get that spawn.


I get to level 9 18 missions from the end I do 16 of them on the remaining 10 I have after finishing fight club and I can comfortable keep respect going up gain levels on gun streaks until I finish Ultor . I get a taxi to Crowd control near the shopping mall Ultor stronghold do 3 levels of that getting the final 4 levels needed then go to the end finishing the run with zero levels to spare.

I left the fight club until then as it is located very close to the foreign power so I buy the cars discard them all then do the fight club with the 45% boost. Is it possible to do with level 7 or 8 maybe but I was worried of being caught short near the end and not having the respect level for Ultor 1.


@SOB, Interesting. That does seem like it would at the very least be more consistent. That's probably a good way to do it, if only for that. I was also thinking maybe do the first 2 in the factories since it's pretty easy to get that done there. And then move to the airport so you don't have to fly back to be in the area initially. We'll have to do some good testing to find what's best here.

That's also a good point about resetting. I can imagine it'd get frustrating but I THINK the Fuzz will get super easy with a tornado. Basically just go blow everything up super quick. Probably the same with mayhem.

Also, idk about you guys, but mayhem took a decent amount of time for all 6 levels. Definitely over the 15 mins it took me for CC. I could have just been not in a good area but I tried to do the one on the southern island an stay in the china town area.

One question for both of you, too. What platforms are you running on? I'll be doing this on the 360 but if we'll be comparing times between console and PC, it'd be good to make sure times can sync up correctly.


I did some testing with Revelations. I'm having some more doubts after this too. The time it takes to get from starting the first wiretap to getting dex's number is 1:45. Revelations took me exactly 8 minutes. That didn't count the few deaths I had due to attack choppers or the time to go from the police station to the mission start. Revelations also takes 1 level of respect. Basically, this sounds like it's riskier and needs to provide at least a full 6 levels of an activity to be worth it, since it'd take just about as long to do the activities. This is especially true since we can do 2 activities and then buy the car we want to boost all the rest.

I did some math and please let me know if it makes sense...
I'm basing things off of what I've already seen in my 1 actual run. I did 5 sets of activities + 1 level of another and that let me beat the game, but I'll just round that to 5 because I like the idea of doing the race for the first level of respect.

Also assume that we buy a car after the first 2 activities (we'll have enough and if the second activity is FC, we'll be at the ultor dome, right next to Foreign Power). The respect we gain is:
52500 ¤ 2 = 105000
65625 ¤ 3 = 196875
Total: 301875

If we do Revelations, I'm assuming we only need to do 4 activities since this needs to replace 1 set with the time it takes to complete.
68250 ¤ 4 = 273000

We'll get close but still not surpass it, leaving a lot of respect we'll need to make up. Considering the risk of death is far greater in Revelations and we don't come out ahead anyway, I don't see it as a decent option. Even considering we can get awesome strats for Revelations, it still won't be enough to justify doing it over an activity. It's pretty far out of the way, take a decent amount of time, and is riskier. It'd be a better idea to get to the Prison for FC there or do some mayhem, IMO.

I still haven't looked at the Insurance Fraud strats to actually time it but I feel like that'll definitely be something we want to do anyway, if only for the early heli. I'm still planning on doing that testing but it may not get done tonight. If not tonight, then definitely tomorrow.


So I've actually done some...not very thorough tests on IF as well. I completed all 6 levels of IF using the airport strats. The biggest thing I could find was that it is probably faster except for RNG. RNG screwed me and I had over 10 minutes on starting level 5. What killed it was having to fly to the Saints Row district and back. That's about a minute, right there. I also had a problem a few times with nothing spawning. Sometimes it'd take a minute or 2 for anything usable.

My strats, though, involved stealing the snipes, getting it to the level of the control tower and then just jumping backwards to land by the snipes again. Consistent 50k, if not ~100k All in all, each jump took less than 30s.

I think that, if we're going for just till level 3, we do the first 2 levels in the factories, since that's where we start, restarting till we get that district, and then the 3rd in the airport. After lvl 3, take the heli there back to the hideout, and we can use that for both snatch and for three kings, or whatever mission we want.

Take all this with a grain of salt, though. I haven't tested it too much and these are all just initial reactions. I don't want to say it's no good without giving it a little more time.


The way I normally route games that are longish single segment runs is on high consistency strats. I put some thought into what would be my route if I was doing it as a segmented run or reset heavy single segment. The only issue with the route is getting the tornado spawn it is seemingly somewhere around a 10-20% spawn the question comes is the fast route worth the high reset count 17 or so mins in to a 5-6 hour run and from what I see the answer is properly that it is. The tornado from the start of the game is so huge I would give up unlimited Gal for the Kobras (not much of a downgrade anyway) as I feel Sub 5 becomes a real possibility.

Something like:

S1, S2 get 1 level of respect (possibly doing the race twice), S3, Insurance fraud 3 levels so you get 3 respect, either ending by harrow gate police department or taxi there listen to the wire taps get Dex’s number, get the tornado save it, Do S4 in tornado, Then Samedi 1 (in tornado if possible) after mission call Dex taxi to the church, Revelations then buy car for level 6 respect boost. From there I would do whatever activity get you unlimited ammo the quickest so I would assume fuzz in Tornado then prison fight club save warp after get unlimited ammo weapon and go on with missions from there.


Idk why I didn't think of getting in the APC That could help. It was just that the chopper tore me up so badly. That's where the multiple deaths came from.

Your video was also running a little bit faster than my game is so the time will be slightly off. I could imagine using the APC would cut about a minute, maybe 2, off of my time. (because my time didn't include the deaths) We can take my total time down to about 8 minutes for the wiretaps and the mission itself

Regardless, doing Revelations requires a level of respect, which would take time to get, and it still takes about as long as, say, the other FC, or mayhem. You'd come out behind, overall, in respect earned, and the travel time it takes to get to the Police Station could be negligible compared with the time it takes to get to another activity.
That "lost" respect will still need to be earned, taking more time.

Although....maybe if we're only doing IF till level 3, that's how we'll get the "lost" respect and then we'll have to do 4 activities besides it.

Even then, I still see it as more of a time sink, then a time saver but...time for some math!

Without Revelations: 5 activities. (avg of ~12 mins) - 60 mins
52500 ¤ 2 = 105000
65625 ¤ 3 = 196875
Total: 301875

With revelations: 4 activities + Revelations + 3 levels of IF (48+8+4) - about 60 mins
68250 ¤ 4 = 273000
24050 ¤ 1 = 24050
Total: 297050

This is making a couple of assumptions. The first is that we only do IF until level 3 and that we don't count driving time to get to the airport, since we'll be doing that in each case. We also won't have infinite sprint but I hope that upgraded sprint will be enough that it won't cost time. The avg activity time is used based on my runs (not counting my horrid snatch time).

Now the difference between respect is not that huge and can easily be made up by respect on the side.

I wish I had some more solid numbers for activities. Maybe I'll work on that next so we can make a more detailed analysis.

Let me know what you think about this!

I was seriously hoping that snatch would be better with a heli too.

The only thing I'd be wary about with the tornado is that it's so rare and I'd hate resetting 9 out of 10 runs, 15-30 mins in just for it. It'd definitely be faster, that's without a doubt. When using it, I feel like...maybe instead of CC/FC, do both mayhems (or fuzz if that's faster too, but i doubt it)


After thinking about it...

The tornado is a must. It'll save so much time in so many places. Not just activities, but missions as well. And if we're going for the tornado, we should go for Revelations too. It cuts down on activity time and we're already at the Police Station. The tornado can even (probably) be used to speed up the mission, making it that much better anyway.

You're right about the Kobras too. They tear apart vehicles so they're pretty good for everything.

That page has a strategy for a tornado spawn. "A good strategy for forcing a Tornado to spawn is to enter the Police Headquarters and listen to all the wiretaps and obtain Dex's phone number. Without calling Dex, immediately vacate the headquarters through the heliport exit, and a Tornado should be sitting on the helipad. In the unlikely event that this does not work, reload an earlier save and try again."

That's pretty much what you did in the video you posted. We should confirm this 🙂

I'm even wondering if the fact that you go into the Police Station, out of view of the helipad, is enough.


Hahaha glad we're on the same page! It seems like the first hour or so is coming together so I'm getting really excited. I love the idea of the tornado cause this can definitely be a sub 5 run in the end, withit. Maybe even without it, but it'll be easier.

3 Kings, easy. I haven't tried yet but I'm imagining we can pick up pierce, destroy the samedi, pick up shaundi, fly through the markers, pick up carlos, do his bit. Should be super quick now. Probably half the time it was. I imagine there'll be more missions like that too.


I ran going to the tornado 20 or so times to see what the spawn rate is and from the looks of it, it isn't great. I saw it spawn 1 time so I’m starting to think it may be as low as 5%. Another thing I didn’t see any evidence that checking during each tap rerolled the spawn if it didn’t spawn when checked during the first wire tap it never did in the following 3 checks it is hard to distinguish if the reroll was happening or not further testing is need for that but it is not like we lose time checking anyway and it seemed to reroll in SOB revelations strat vid so we can hope we need every bit of it for that spawn lol.

My only suggestion is to tweak the route so it is more resets friendly To S1, S2 1 level gain, S3 then go to police station listen to wiretaps and look for the tornado. If it is there fly back and save it then fly it to Insurance fraud which has the 3 upsides in that resets come quicker 15mins rather than 23-24mins, it can be used to fly to the airport on the first level saving time that way and the save warp after Insurance fraud goes straight to S4.

Couple of other things call Dex as soon as you get in the tornado it seems that it is possible for his number to be deleted from your phone before it is called and Insurance fraud doesn’t give you 3 levels like I thought it give you high two but doing S4 and Samedi 1 consistently got me the third level needed for Revelations.


Thats great news that it rerolls it should cut down resets. Quick question by walking into the police station does it count as entering from the heli pad or does it have to be the front door? I can't find any info on spawn/despawn radii.

Honestly once we get the first hour routed the rest will just be logic and will fall into the place. My old route for the mission will probery be there or there abouts just switching Rebadeaux Septic Avenger for Demo derby which links with the next part of University stronghold anyway and maybe moving a mission or 2 about and it will be done.


On the flash bangs if we do the race twice as the method to get the level of respect needed you will have $2500-$2850 after so you could get 10 if you wanted on the drive to clearing out the shanties.

On the Tornado after an hour and a half I have found a way to get the spawn to happen. get a heli (thinking of a Horizon after Insurance fraud) land it on the roof nest to the heli pad walk up to the doors going into the police station facing them then turn around if the Tornado hasn't spawned get back in the Horizon fly over the water until all the red dots on the mini map in the police station disappear then repeat the process of landing walking up to the doors and turning around and eventfully the Tornado will be there.

The spawn rate will still be low it is just the best way of rerolling the spawns I found. So on the first time land and do the wiretap strats if you don’t get it use the Horizon method. Obviously Insurance Fraud goes back before the wiretaps again.

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