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Just to prevent the Any% discussion thread from being clogged up with this discussion post in here.

The choices for the single arc runs that need to be sorted:

1 will it be NG+ or NG
2 If it is NG+ where should the save file make you start?
3 Should the file that is use be homogonous or should we have the option of personalizing it for your own route?
4 Should we have the levels of respect already or should they have to be gained?
5 What rewards should we have in terms of completed activities? If any
6 Should we have the Tornado saved as in the Any% route or should it be that we need to collect it if wanted
7 Same as 6 with other cars or boats that may be wanted?
8 Same as 6 with weapons?

For me the logical way would be:

1 NG+
2 After 3 kings
3 homogonous
4 with required levels
5 I would keep it close to Any% with Increase sprint and unlimited Kobra only
6 yes
7 None
8 Kobras only


I think it might be best to just do NG to prevent confusion and not get things too complicated.


I'll explain some of my personal preferences (after thinking on it for all of 5 minutes)

1) I'd prefer NG but for NG+, the following would apply
2) After 3 kings
3) I feel like once the fastest time is set, it'll essentially be homogeneous anyway. In that sense, I'd like to it be heterogeneous because then we'll be encouraged to try new things and have them still count as WR
4) We should have all the levels of respect needed
5) I'd say any rewards would be acceptable. That also keeps in the spirit of NG+, imo.
6) yes, definitely
7) any cars or boats desired
8 ) Any weapons desired.

My reasons for these answers is that it places fewer restrictions and it'll be a pure "how fast can you finish these missions using anything possible" kind of feel. It could reduce RNG in what kind of cars and such are encountered and stored.


I have though a bit about these runs and have come to the conclusion that if you want to do them as practice for full runs NG+ is the way to go. If they are just to have a way of running the game in a shorter way NG runs will be better and may be quite interesting in and of themselves. For example Brotherhood will haemorrhage time if you don't go for the Tornado where as Ronin may lose time but not much without the Tornado.

Also the way respect levels are acquired without the Tornado you will properly go for the quickest one and get little to no good rewards but with it you can go for slightly longer activities with the plus of good rewards and as each story arc will be minimum 15 missions, 11 for the selected gang and the 4 saints' missions required to unlock them, and the 4 strongholds, as they are needed to unlock the final mission for the gang, there will be a need for 17 respect levels which mean 2 full activities will likely be needed.

If anyone takes up these categories I will be interested in how they go about them.


I'd like to see someone else's run of the categories before I try them myself since I prefer just to duplicate what people do rather than come up with my own stuff.


Gotcha. I'll probably put a little effort into them in a couple weeks. I probably won't stream or even have a good enough run to stream until after xmas but I'll be sure to give a heads up when the time comes.


If you could just make a video of a run whether it's good or bad I'm not chuffed, I'd just like a route to learn and run, have a bit of something to do when I'm bored. 🙂


Sure thing! So it pretty much decided, at least for now, that we'll start at NG?


Yeah it's NG. So when do you think you'll have a video of a run because I want to start running ASAP!!!


Haha you'll have to chill for at least a few more weeks, til after xmas, to have a video from me. I can start routing now but I'm pretty swamped until finals/projects are over. Btw, I don't really have a preference of what gang I'd run first. Do you?


I was thinking about doing Ronin first but I honestly am not chuffed. If you make a pastebin or a of route notes that would be very helpful.


Gonna start routing Ronin% now that I just did some Any% routing. My initial thoughts are that I won't go for the Tornado, too. It probably won't be worth the time it takes to get, in the long run.


Just finished some initial routing actually. Took me about 2 hours to run through, not actually trying to get a good time.

From start to the last Ronin mission, my splits are:

SR1 Jailbreak
SR2 Appointed Defender
Races for 1 level of respect
SR3 Down payment
IF till lvl 3
Demo Derby for 6 lvls (take a taxi to the crib right next to this marker)
SR4 Three Kings
Ronin 1 Saints Seven
Ronin 2 Laundry Day
Suburbs Strip Club Stronghold
Ronin 3 Road Rage
Ronin 4 Bleeding Out
Foreign Power here to increase respect and because buying a car is faster to get to the next Stronghold
Humbolt Park Science Museum Stronghold
Amberbrook Museum Pier Stronghold
Ronin 5 Orange Threat Level
Ronin 6 Kanto Connection
Ronin 7 Visiting Hours
Ronin 8 Room Service
Ultor Dome Fight Club for however levels until you reach lvl 3 respect
Ronin 9 Rest In Peace
New Hennequet Rec Center Stronghold
Ronin 10 Good D
Ronin 11 One Man's Junk

Despite there being 4 levels after UDFC, you'll gain plenty of respect in RIP, NHRC, and Good D because there's just so many enemies to kill. I got 4 levels in my run through and it was clearly unnecessary. I would have only had to do lvl 1 and 2 FC at that point.

For all the other Misc% runs, I'd imagine they'd all be the same up until the Demo Derby.

I really want to find some skips in this game too. Anything to make the pace move faster. I'm sure we can get a sub 130 in, at least, the Ronin%.


Finished my first run of Ronin% with a 1:58:24. The start of the run is the same as Any% and the end of the run is on the fadeout after you kill Akuji. There were so many mistakes, too. From taking a taxi to where I didn't want to go and having to restart missions. It all kinda sucked a little bit. This time will be very easy to beat.

One more run down. In just my second run, I hit a 1:45. Made some mistakes, especially in Three Kings, but all in all, it was much better. I think I'm gonna like these smaller % runs.


Sorry it took so long to get a full run recorded but it's now under the misc categories. I did Ronin% and will keep working on getting a better time for that then I'll probably move on to Brotherhood or Samedi.

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