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There will be a minor change to the timing rules for this game.

Previously, runs were timed such that the timer started on the screen beginning to fade after clicking a level, and ended on the last level on the frame the victory animation begins.

However, this has many problems - it's hard to find the exact frame the timer starts to fade due to video compression, and sometimes finding the last frame can be impossible as standing next to a bomb while it explodes makes the player invisible.

As a result, the new timing method will start on the first frame the first loading screen is visible https://i.imgur.com/60Vgyia.png will end on the first frame the Game Complete or Level Complete screen is visible https://i.imgur.com/VbceHTA.png and then a modifier of -31/30 (-1.033s) will be added to the result.

>What does this mean for me?
Not much at all - runners will continue to time the same way as always, this new rule just affects how verifiers will retime runs.

>Does this mean I don't have to start IL runs from the level select screen?
Yes - runners can now start from either the previous level or from the level select screen.

>How are runs retimed?
Moderators are using this software https://github.com/Slush0Puppy/retime/releases to retime runs precisely.

>Will this affect existing runs?
Yes - all existing, non-obsolete runs have been retimed with the new method. This hasn't affected any places on the leaderboards, as any differences will be by one or two frames at most.


What's the modifier for, Slush?


The modifier will add/subtract a certain amount to the result - this is to get the time as accurate as possible to the previous time.

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