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It requires a pre-established save or setting config and shouldn't be allowed in any% categories.

I literally cannot do runs with hints off since resetting the console after a run negates it and it's retarded anyway.

Discuss, fellas.

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I agree. Let's invalidate 103 speedruns!


There was no problem invalidating dozens of runs when emulators were banned, so what's the issue here? Most people will probably just do the run again, most runs are any%s and that takes literally 5 minutes to set up and do a run of.

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In the past with the change to banning emulator, I had argued for grandfathering the couple of runs that were done on emulator. The rule had changed, much like we redefined evidence rules for future runs and left old runs that didn't meet the requirements.

Hints Off being NG+ is something I personally can't ignore, nor argue for grandfathering of old runs. It's annoying to turn off Hints and it certainly wastes time, but I don't think there's a valid reason why runs didn't include that in the past. It should also be noted that most, if not all 100%/NER runs will also have turned Hints Off prior to starting a new game.

Congrats for finding the loophole that could nuke the majority of this leaderboard. However, maybe we should consider redefining every category on the board to NG+? I feel most people who've done a run of this game would vote to keep the NG+ feature, and if it's fastest RTA... that's the entire point of a speedrun.


imo its only a big deal in any% and most people would just redo the runs anyways, and if they wouldnt then they probably dont care about their run in the first place. any%ner and 100% can grandfather as its only like 3 seconds and in the grand scheme its not a big deal.

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In all seriousness, this is the kind of thing that you don't have to do if you don't want to. I think it would be ridiculous to ban it. It requires no memory card, it's just a setting within the game. If you're against doing it, don't do it.
Wanna know why runners never have a wiped cartridge? By having a complete file on the cartridge, the cutscene after Spiral Mountain is skippable. RTA runs allow this because it's a tedious time change that everybody agrees is fine to take out. For the TAS, which specifically always requires a fresh cartridge/disc, it is not allowed. That's also the reason we don't get to see a Diddy Kong Racing tas with TT, which requires 100% to unlock, yet all RTA runs use it.

I don't see this rule changing. It's not necessary that you disable hints. That's your timeloss. To be specific, I'd suggest a mod add "Disabling hints prior to the run is allowed." to the rules.


Why not have a NG+ variable that you can toggle on and off so that any% ng+ and any% are distinguishable?


Or just have them all displayed under the same category because nobody gives a shit overall.

However if this is the decision that is made, I expect it to be Hints with the choices being on or off. both should be displayed by default and they should obsolete each other.


You know you can just take the hints off and go to main menu and do a run. No need to reset your console.

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