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Hearing all the drama about SMS timing and whether it should be “file select” or “race file”, I was reminded about having to sit through the 2 minute cutscene of AHT at the beginning of every run and how boring it was. Do you guys think it would be a good idea of we just started the game, watched the cutscene, and after it was over we just save the file and make copies of it, then run on those save files instead of creating a new file every reset? Sitting through the cutscene is a waste of time, and we don’t even time it either. Using a racefile shouldn’t affect any of the gameplay, so why not? I would appreciate people’s opinions on my suggestion.

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No, it's just 2 minutes. In 100% you require a save file in the run for a strat anyway so it'd be entirely pointless and any% is only 30-ish minutes with very little outside of minor RNG things that can even go wrong. So it's not exactly a viable idea, except with any% but who really cares about irrelevant categories like that?

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seems unnecessary to bring the other game's drama here, 2 minutes isn't hard.