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Hi. I summit 2 run 12 days ago with no answer. I know that moderators as life (job, Family) and they are not pay to verify runs, but wait 12 days to get verified a 6.260 secondes run is too long in my opinion. Thats the reason i think that actual moderator have to find at least 1 other to help them keep this game in date. Sorry for my bad english and please leave your comment if you are agree or disagree.



Idk I mean it did warn you it could take 1-3 weeks. I submitted a 5 second run a few days ago but I'm not gonna complain because it said it could take up to 3 weeks. The mods arent constantly on here and if they were and just didnt feel like watching the run, I wouldn't complain until after 3 weeks


wowww relax i didnt complain i just suggest something to maybe can improve the process. You said the mods arent constantly here and im totally agree reason why i suggest to get more thats it