DJ Octavio Speedrun Guide

Compilation of all the information I have found fighting him. More useful for newbies trying to get into the fight than for veterans. Updated for new record information, a newly discovered strategy and quite a bit of grammar. (external link)

By WheirdoWheirdo

Octo Expansion Level Info + Any% Route

Level info for the Octo Expansion DLC + the Any% route as of 6/18/2018 (external link)

By Schiller9Schiller9

Splatoon 2 NG+ IGT Leaderboards With And Without Octavio

Due to how a lot of people view loading times and the minute and a half variance of RNG with Octavio, I created and constantly manage this complete/up to date leaderboard utilizing in-game-time. This is mostly an archive of information rather than a leaderboard you submit to. So any NG+ run I can find will be preserved here! You can calculate your IGT with this calculator:( (external link)

By HydrusHydrus

Splatoon Speedrun Discord

The official Splatoon Speedrun Discord! (external link)

By meatladymeatlady




Hero Mode Any% All Levels

Splits with subsplits, route follows movefish's run. All sections named and levels have their titles. Layout included to use subsplits, required to use included layout or else splits may bug out (direct download)

By Michael_BlockMichael_Block

Hero Mode Any% Bosses Only

Splits Include Tutorial and all 5 bosses only, not individual levels (direct download)

By Michael_BlockMichael_Block

Octo Expansion Any% All Levels

Splits using icons for almost all levels, only covers levels used in my route. (direct download)

By Michael_BlockMichael_Block

Octo Expansion Any% Thangs and Tartar Only

These Splits only include Beginning (Tutorial portion if you could call it that), the 4 Thangs, and Commander Tartar. (direct download)

By Michael_BlockMichael_Block