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Spider-Man is notorious for having many games for many consoles that share the same title, but are completely different from each other. Just to name a few, Web Of Shadows, Shattered Dimensions and all of the movie tie-ins.
Should'nt we create a seperate page for each version of the game instead of a seperate tab? Since that might be too much (a single game could easily cover half a page in the series page, just for no one to even run it), can we maybe have one page for the main version and another page for "other versions"?
I'm asking for this because the main games tend to have more categories, something that makes a mess when another version is a category by itself. Just look at Spider-Man 2, there are many categories for the main game and then there are tabs for a different version, it's just a mess.

An example for a game with seperate pages for the same game is Sonic Heroes. Since it has other glitches and tricks than the other ports, the PC version has a page of its own.
For more practical examples, Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations seperated the main games from their DS counterparts.

And while I'm at it, why arn't the TASM games listed in this series?

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I've been meaning to write about this regarding Spider-Man 2 for a while now. All versions of Spider-Man 2 that aren't the main version (Xbox/PS2/GCN) are totally different games, just as different as Spider-man 2 is from Spider-Man 3.

In my opinion its unfair to all versions of the game to have to share one page, as the main version has to compete for space with other versions that aren't even the same game, and the less popular versions are completely dwarfed by the more popular main version.

I just really think the best solution would be to split up all these different games into different pages, although I do support the notion of putting all the non-main versions into their own page.