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This is a thread about version differences.

There are a total of three versions of the game. These are:
1. The original USA/EU release (2001)
2. The JP release (2002)
3. The Vicarious Visions 2-for-1 bundle re-release (2005)*
It should be noted that the 2005 re-release is not currently listed as an accepted version option on the leaderboard

So far, the only major difference between the US and JP versions of the game are that the US version uses a password save system, while the JP version uses save files.

The 2005 bundle version of the game was included on a dual cartridge along with Vicarious Vision's GBA port of X2: Wolverines Revenge (2003). Like the JP version, the 2005 re-release uses save files rather than the password save system. The game over screen in the release also has options for "replay level," "return to map," and "save game."

The JP version of the game may have some possible minor time-saves by abusing save files. This is less likely to save time in the 2005 re-release, since powering off takes you all the way back to the game select menu. More testing needs to be done in both versions of the game.

While irrelevant to standard categories, the 2001 US/EU version of the game also has the SP1DY password, starting you off in Super-Hero difficulty with symbiote, thermal, heavy impact, all container upgrades, and the metals branch completed. This might be considered as a possible sub-category of Any% Super-Hero.

There are no other known version differences at this time. This thread will be updated if more information is found.


The "replay level" function in Museum (for 100%). After getting the container upgrade replaying the level saves well over 10 seconds.
first used in this run:

A similar save can be done in the original English version of the game, but forces you to reload into the level from the map screen, meaning you would have to skip through the ninja cutscene again. This still saves time, but not as much as in the later game versions.

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