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i've speedrun games such as Portal and Hello Neighbor and i'm really looking for a new one any recomendations?

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I'd suggest Layers of Fear, it's a pretty easy game to pick up, (almost) no glitch to learn, just game mechanics and optimization. It's a fun run and progress comes really fast in the beginning!

There's also Observer from the same devs

And because I love horror games... Take a look at Alien Isolation!

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Since you mentioned portal, here are some similar fast-paced games:

All the halo fps games
Mirrors edge
Doom 2016
Ghost runner
Severed steel
Back 4 blood

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Grey box testing its not a online shooter game but its a simulation

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The thread is first person games, not necessarily shooter games. Anyways, I can vouch for Grey-Box Testing

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The Ultimate DOOM
DOOM: TNT Evilution
DOOM: Plutonia Experiment
DOOM 2016
DOOM Eternal

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I also advocate for DOOM

DOOM 2016 Any% (Difficult but very cool)
DOOM Eternal Any% Restricted (Not super difficult to pick up, very cool)

The 100% categories are also very very good, but have a steep learning curve due to the amount of memorization and difficulty.


Titanfall 2 (If you're familiar with Source movement, pick this one up)
Mirrors Edge (Steep learning curve if you want to learn everything, but very comfy if you learn the basics and just decide to dive right in)
Mirrors Edge Catalyst (Still pretty fun, much simpler)
Ghostrunner (Unique high inputs per second movement)
Severed Steel (100% Destructible voxel environments make for cool routing)
Resident Evil Village NG+ Casual. (3/4's super comfy, 1/4 fucking terrifying)
POST VOID (This game is $2, pretty difficult but very comfy)
Prey 2017 (VERY easy to pick up. Learned this as my first speedrun and was able to start running within an hour)
Fallout New Vegas (You zoom forward by reloading a revolver, what more can i say)

So there's a few recommendations, honestly I'd recommend just about anything that I've run on my profile

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Minecraft 4K
most under rated game ever

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